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Thread: Is Final Fantasy VII too dated?

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    Default Is Final Fantasy VII too dated?

    A few days back I decided to boot up Final Fantasy VII for the PS1. The first couple of hours weren't all that spectacular imo, but I decided to keep going in case it just has a slow start and after a while it'll get good.

    Well, now I'm about 10 hours into the game, and I'm just not into it. I mean, it does have a compelling story, but it's too few and far inbetween the gameplay and running around trying to find out where to go next, that I feel it just isn't worth it.

    However, I still feel like I need to complete the game, because everyone says it's an essential game that defined a generation or whatever. I feel like I'm missing out on something important to the gaming industry if I don't play this game. But... is it really relevant anymore?
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    If theres still gameplays for FF7, then I think the game is still relevant.

    But the way I see it, only a handful of gamer are playing it nowadays.

    I gotta be honest, I didnt played FF7, I started with FF8, then Tactics, then FF9.
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    Personally I don't understand what people love about FF7. I think a lot of the nostalgia for it is that it was for a whole generation of gamers slightly younger than me their first introduction to JRPGs, as the Playstation was the first console to hit the mega mainstream and FF7 was the first JRPG to be on that console and to become something more than a niche game.

    IMO you should only be playing FF4, FF6, possibly FF5 (I only did part of it so I can't recommend it fully), then jump to FF9 and FFX, and be done with the series (unless you really liked FFX and want more, then pick up FFX-2). The best ever FF is FF6 and you could probably be happy only ever playing that one in the series.

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    I'll chime in. Final Fantasy games were my favorite for many many years.

    I'll provide my background for any perspective it might add.

    I started when NES came out playing Dragon Warrior and Zelda.

    From there I got a Sega Genesis and played Buck Rodgers and Might and Magic III.

    I then got a playstation with FFVII and Tactics.

    FFVII and FF Tactics will always be among my top 5 favorite games of all time. I loved FFVIII as well, but more for the gameplay and mechanics than the story. I've played FFV a little bit (my memory card kept crapping out on me so I redid the beginning a lot). I played/beat FFVI, VII, VIII, IX, X and Tactics. I did play XII a lot, but didn't quite beat it and I tried XIII... I played Chrono Cross (another favorite), Legend of the Dragoon, Legend of Legaia (1 and 2), Star Ocean 2 and 3 (2 is on my top 5 list) and many many other RPG games.

    FFVII is still there and I have got the game on my psp and played it again, it's still a great game. I think there's definitely something to be said for nostalgia though and it being my gateway into FF games.

    I am on a similar boat with the elder scrolls games. I started on 4 - Oblivion and I tried Morrorwind afterwards and just couldn't get into it. I think it's hard to go back to earlier games either due to graphics or mechanics or whatever reason... I would not blame you for skipping FFVII now that it's been 20ish years since it came out, however for me, it's still a classic that will always be among my top and I'm very glad to have sunk so many hours into that game.

    I'm 32 btw.

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    R-R-R-REMAKE!!! Yea I played a bit of FF7, but did not love it. That style of combat is so overplayed by now, even by when FF7 came out it was overdone. Hoping they revamp the battle system, and don't just make the same FF7 with prettier graphics.

    Quote Originally Posted by XDarkAngelX View Post
    their first introduction to JRPGs, as the Playstation was the first console to hit the mega mainstream and FF7 was the first JRPG to be on that console and to become something more than a niche game.
    This I totally agree with.
    That being said, I will probably check it out at least, unless the battle system is exactly the same, then I might be willing to give it a meh and pass.

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    I personally prefer more FF6, about FF7 i feel strange.

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    FF7 was outdated before it started production. All the FF games are brainless game with no meaningful decisions, a story structured in a way that cant be enjoyed (and its no good anyway), and full of meaningless boring tasks.

    The appeal to people of FF games is a combination of skinner box mechanisms, toylike properties of exploring an interactive world and the illusion of an interactive story.
    We could argue that FF is an interactive toy or some kind of interactive visual novel, and thus it does well what is meant to do. But I think even on those labels, it fails as a product.

    The only FF games that do not fit that description are FFT games. Which you still need to craate a long list of home made rules for it to not become a button smasher 30 minutes into the game.
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    The first few hours were actually the most interesting part of FFVII, so if you didn't like those... the story only gets worse and more monotonous from there.

    I preferred FFIV and VI: II and III on the SNES in the U.S. In the linear story-based games like FFVII, I always liked games better when the characters felt more different. The materia system made everyone feel the same, except for Cloud and Aeris, who did more magic damage. I prefer Chrono Trigger to all of them, although I imagine if I had never played it and had instead booted it up right now, for the first time, I probably wouldn't like it the way that I did.

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