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Thread: Blue Jay's Holodecoy

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    Yup. Seems like this particular card went through a lot of different versions before they settled on the final one.

    I think the final version is place the last seen token, then place your agent's figure on top of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rudyvalentine View Post
    Yes, Rodney stated he confirmed with the publisher (PHG) that the rule was changed from what the rulebook stated. If you cross line of sight but do not end your movement in line of sight, you only are to place the last seen token. This makes more thematic sense because the hunters are catching a glimpse of movement, but the agent is not fully revealed yet as they dart behind something or otherwise escape the hunters field of vision.

    We should be getting more details on this next week when the agents and equipment cards get previewed!
    Quote Originally Posted by Barlow View Post
    So is the preview wrong again and the original one was correct? Man, this is confusing.
    So yeah, after some miscommunication was cleared up last week, the rulebook is remaining as is, which means the Holo Decoy is also remaining as is and you are to place the figure on top of the last seen token to indicate you crossed the hunter's line of sight, but are not currently in its line of sight. This makes both rulings consistent.

    The Holo Decoy lets you give the hunters a false indication that you have crossed their line of sight, thus hopefully throwing them off your trail for a bit until they figure out they've been tricked.

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    My thoughts...

    1. The rules clearly state that you place the last seen token with the figure on top of it when passing through a hunters line of sight.

    2. Doing so revels the agent earlier than most would like.

    3. Playing only the last seen token if the agent just passes through is a variant that many are using and that is fine but it is not the official rule.

    4. Placing the figure when in line of sight makes sense and is in the rules as well.

    5. Holo Decoy, at least how I view it, creates a holographic image of the agent (think old total Recall) and if it is played as written, with last seen token and figure placed on the board and you are playing with the variant (only last seen token placed) in all other cases, it makes it obvious that the Holo Decoy card was used. I think that is the intent of the card (that the image of the agent is seen, or at least a holographic version) and it makes sense with the rules as written in #1.

    6. That then begs the question if you play the variant as described in #3 how do you change #5?
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