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Thread: Felicia Day survivor promo

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    I think enough people like and follow both Dead of Winter and Felicia Day to want this promo made into a regular product

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    Quote Originally Posted by CosmicBeard View Post
    I'd also like to know, but apparently based on the history of this thread, these forums don't seem to be too alive. I just ordered Kodiak Colby and Roberta Plum from Plaid Hat's store, but Felicia Day seems to still be out of stock. I also had no idea there was a Lucky Luke...
    I think the big focus has been on getting DOW:The Long Night completed. hopefully once it's on the shelves, they will look to all the wonderful Promo's and getting them back in stock (for this and other games).
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    According to the game shop I went to, there were only two in the kit.

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    You know, if Plaid Hat rolled out a box containing all the promo survivors and their crossroad cards, I would totally buy the hell out of that.
    Maybe even throw in a couple new special zombies or something. More Dead of Winter is always acceptable.

    Hell, even without the promo characters, a few new crossroad cards would be more than welcome.

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