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    Tribes of the Tundra Orcs are known to outsiders for their viciousness, brutality, and fierceness in battle. But those who have lived among them and witnessed their internal dealings know that the highest virtue held by these blue-skinned warrior clans is devotion to the traditions of their ancestors. Passed down orally from generation to generation, an unwritten code of laws, regulations, taboos, and superstitions guides the actions of the Tundra Orcs, and they have little patience for those who would innovate.

    Such an Orc was Sarko, once a highly-regarded shaman, now exiled by his tribe for delving into magical arts forbidden by the elders from time immemorial. Such actions might bring the wrath of the gods down upon the entire village. And so Sarko, stripped of all honor and esteem among his people, traveled southward, without purpose or direction. Or so he thought.

    After several days' travel Sarko came upon a crude hut under the shelter of a rocky overhang. Here the cold winds did not howl so loudly, and the light of a fire could be seen. Upon entering, Sarko's eyes were greeted with the sight of a curious figure. An old human, a hermit, almost totally blind, was seated upon a wooden stool, chanting, humming, praying, gently swaying to the flow of an unseen magic. The man was named Father Herbert. He had left behind a distinguished career as a high priest of the Vanguards to devote himself to solitude and meditation. But the years had their their toll on his wits, and he did even notice that his guest was an Orc.

    For weeks Sarko studied under Father Herbert's tutelage, learning the holy magic of the Vanguards, and when his new master was not about, mixing it and combining it with his native ice magic, experimenting with the possibilities, and dreaming of the future. The shaman-priest's future was to come sooner than he had hoped. One day, while rummaging through the old man's meager belongings, to his astonishment Sarko beheld a Summoning Stone!

    The Orc paused to wonder. Had the crazy old fool possessed it all this time? Never mind that. The hour of his destiny had come. First to his old village. A few would die clinging to the old ways, but most would join his war band. Next to the village of Grognack, the seat of Tundra Orc power. Once the news of his defeat of the great chieftain spread to the other villages, recruits would come pouring in to join him. Then, to the volcanic lands of his people's old enemies, the Phoenix Elves. And who knows where his conquests would end!

    These thoughts and more raced through Sarko's head as he tucked the stone into his garment, feeling positively godlike as it pulsed with great power, and set his sights northward.

    Sarko, Summoner of the Tundra Vanguard

    2 attack, 5 life, bow symbol
    Walls of Healing
    Instead of attacking with Sarko, you may roll a die and add the number of Wall Cards you control. On a result of 5 or higher, remove 1 Wound Marker from each Unit that is adjacent to one or more Wall Cards you control.


    Major Ice Wall (x2)
    When placing a Major Ice Wall, you may place it on the opponents side of the battlefield if it is placed adjacent to your Summoner. This Major Ice Wall starts with 5 Life Points.

    Rejuvenating Freeze (x2)
    Choose a wounded Common or Champion on the Battlefield and place this card on top of it. The chosen Unit cannot move, attack, or use Special Abilities while this card is on top of it. At the beginning of your turn, if this card is on top of the chosen Unit, remove 1 Wound Marker from that Unit. If the chosen Unit is destroyed or has no Wound Markers on it, discard this card.

    Empowering Wounds (x2)
    All Tundra Vanguard Common Units you control gain the following ability until the end of this turn:
    When attacking with this Unit, add 1 to its Attack Value during that attack for each Wound Marker on this Unit.

    Sarko's Gamble (x2)
    Until the end of your turn, all Tundra Vanguard Units you control add 1 to the result of each die thrown while attacking and gain the following ability:
    Unwieldy Magic
    When attacking with this Unit, if you roll 1 or more Miss die results, all dice for that attack are automatically counted as Misses.

    Healing Surge (x1)
    Choose a Common or Champion Unit you control. Roll a die and subtract 1 for every space between your Summoner and the chosen Unit. Remove wound makers from the chosen Unit equal to the resulting number.


    1 attack, 3 life, sword symbol for 2 magic
    Infusion of Light
    When attacking with this Shieldorc, if at least 1 wound marker was removed from it on this turn, increase its attack value by 1.

    Tundra Orcs under Sarko's command quickly discovered that the heavy armor worn by Vanguard troops increased their survivability immensely. Some have even anointed their platemail with holy oils, offering a surge of power when the wearers are healed.

    2 attack, 1 life, bow symbol for 1 magic
    Cruel Medicine
    After attacking a Unit with this Priest, if the target has not been destroyed, remove 1 Wound Marker from the target of the attack.

    Sarko's attempts to teach restorative magic to the savage Tundra Orcs did not always meet with success. Many would-be priests are so accustomed to slaughter and bloodshed that they combine healing and harm in an uncontrollable onslaught.

    Snow Angel
    1 attack, 2 life, sword symbol for 1 magic
    Fragile Wings
    As long as this Snow Angel has no Wound Markers on it, gain the ability Greater Flight.

    Frustrated by his inability to transform his warriors into the beings of light described by his deranged Vanguard mentor, Sarko animates ice and snow to produce creatures of great mobility but significant vulnerability.


    2 attack, 7 life, sword symbol for 7 magic
    Second Wind
    At any time 1 or more Wound Markers are removed from Braulgar, you may immediately move him up to 2 spaces and attack, even if Braulgar has already moved and/or attacked this turn. Activiation of this ability never counts against your 3-Unit limit on moving or attacking.

    Although he was opposed at first to the introduction Vanguard holy magic to the Tundra Orc tribes, Braulgar experienced its benefits first-hand and now is its greatest advocate.

    2 attack, 4 life, bow symbol for 4 magic
    Furious Healing
    Instead of attacking with Yolt, you may remove 1 Wound Marker from an adjacent Common or Champion Unit, then roll a die. If you roll a 5 or higher, you may pay 1 magic to use this ability again.

    The Tundra Orc shaman named Yolt eagerly embraced the new Vanguard teachings, but where traditional Vanguard healers maintain tight control of their holy magic, Yolt allows his healing to run wild and free as the frigid winds of his homeland.

    Father Herbert
    3 attack, 3 life, bow symbol for 3 magic
    Unwieldy Light
    When attacking with Father Herbert, if the targeted Unit is not destroyed by the attack, remove 1 Wound Marker for every Miss die result rolled.

    The crazy hermit that introduced Sarko to the Vanguard ways still follows his student, though by now his senility has given way to full-blown madness. One day Father Herbert might believe himself to be a Tundra Orc warrior, another day he will insist an orcish hut is the throne room in the Citadel of the Fist. Equally unpredictable are the blasts of holy energy that fly from his staff in battle, sometimes slaying, sometimes healing his targets.

    5/23/16: Sarko's Gambit now gives +1 to each die result while attacking instead of giving the Bow Symbol to Units with the Sword Symbol.
    5/26/16: Rejuvenating Freeze now can't be removed early by paying 2 magic, but automatically moves off when the Unit reaches full health. Use now restricted to wounded Commons and Champions (had been any Unit).
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    I never would have thought of this alliance working. But you did a great job on it.

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    Wow awesome job. My only complaint is that this isnt really an alliance storyline wise, so it doesnt make sense why VG units would fight with them

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