I am playing my first real D&D campaign as a 12y/o chaotic good human bard with a magical ukulele. I constantly get him into mischief and serve no tactical purpose though often end up accidentally making things work out. I even finished off a zombie with a magical insult (it did psychic damage, so I would have thought he'd be immune but the DM let it go and it was funny, so no argument, I certainly don't know the rules).

Anyway, here is where you come in. My magical ukulele is a real ukulele and I cast my spells with real songs, but I am having trouble thinking of good ones for every spell. Ideally I want the song to be recognizable (nothing obscure) and have some direct reference to the spell name in the lyrics or some other obvious connection.

Here are some I already figured out:
For Thunderwave I started playing the intro to ACDC's Thunderstruck. This got a huge laugh from everyone who didn't know I was planning this.
For next time I've added:
Minor Illusion - Final Countdown by Europe (Arrested Development reference, I know these guys will get it)
Healing Word - Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye
Featherfall (slows your fall) - maybe Skyfall from the Bond movie, or Free falling by Tom Petty

But there are a couple spells that have me stumped:
Vicious Mockery (debuff plus minor psychic damage from enchanted insults... Wow, love that this is a spell)
Tasha's Hideous Laughter (no idea who Tasha is, but it makes someone find everything hilarious)

Any ideas? Not too concerned with Vicious Mockery. Last session I just played a riff while making up some childish insults. The laughter one though, hmmmm.