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    Default Ideas for RPG variant ...

    My GF loves MnM but oddly seems nervous about RPGs. She says that RPGs take too long, more than four hours, and the ones that use miniatures are too complicated or math heavy.

    So Ta-Da! I am going to use a MnM adventure and intersperse the fights with role-playing interludes. That should make the game go about four hours. But I did have some thoughts on how MnM could go when there isn't a combat and Initiative Track going on.

    Trying to help my G/F make the leap into RPGs, I did an earlier session with Savage Worlds where she got to be a magic-using Griffin* but I could tell that the SW rules weren't her style .. and she only really wanted to play for four hours or so.

    On the other hand, when it comes to playing MnM, she groks the dice pool concept ... and more importantly, loves the theme of this dungeoneering-style game. She also much prefers using minis and tiles than any sort of "theater of the mind."

    So for those who haven't played the game, here's how that this game's dice pool works.
    All the dice have this set up.
    UPDATE: TL;DR Individual dice probability: 50% Sword or Star, 33.33% Bow or a d3 result(1,2, or 3), 16.67% Cheese.
    Dice Face/symbols
    1/Cheese and the number 1
    2/Bow, No. 1, and Star
    3/Bow, No. 2
    4/Sword, No 2 and Star
    5/Sword, No. 3 and Shield
    6/Sword, No.3, Shield, and Star

    Combat usually starts with two dice or three dice on average. Weapons and special abilities can add more dice. The most you see rolled for an attack is 4 dice, the most of defense is 3 dice.

    Each sword is a melee hit, each bow is a ranged hit (if you are armed with a ranged weapon), all of which are cancelled by defense dice that roll shields. UPDATE: The stars (the icon that comes up with 50/50 odds) is used for looting a room. Each mouse rolls one dice and get to Search if they come up with a star.

    The cheese plays as a XP and stunt point mechanic that both buys and fuels special abilities for PCs. For the enemy, every 8 cheese rolled adds a new monster to the combat AND shortens the clock on finished the mission.

    As it is a dungeoneering game, the combat is pretty much covered. The trick will be to offer some rules that don't let characters advance so fast, use their dice pools in non-combat situations, and get the most reuse out of the familiar bits we've got.

    1. Outside of combat, Speed is now another score where you roll dice just as you do for Combat and Defense.

    2. Each MnM "Class" now has a Non-Combat skill that you use your highest dice score for.

    Mystic/History or Mending
    Archer/Tracker or Hiding
    Scamp/Hiding or Fast Talking
    Tinker/Make Traps or Mending
    Healer/Herbalist or History
    Leader/Fast Talking or History

    Swords and Cheese count as successes. Regardless of how much cheese is rolled, the PC only gets one cheese token.

    The GM will roll two dice and shields cancel successes. If the task is very hard, the GM can declare that one success also needs be the non-star sword/shield result.

    A GM roll that generates cheese goes on the cheese wheel. A full wheel represents a Complication that the GM can introduce into the story.

    3. While the GF and our fellow gamers play the heroes from the game, I'd probably would allow one additional gear item, along with two cheese to start with.

    5. Re-skin/modify bad guys to give the game more flavor. Maybe some mouse city guards are just Rat Warriors who don't climb up the initiative ladder.

    Any other ideas?

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    Me and my friends have been going over this for a while. I think you have a lot of good ideas but me and my group are still heavily focused on the d20 system.

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    The d20 system is certainly universal and would work well for a mice-based RPG, but I think it would cause a lot of the flavor that makes MICE & MYSTICS to go away. There is something cool about the funky dice for combat, for example, that you lose in a simple d20 die roll.
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    I have started a Mice and Msytics campaign using the Fantasy Age system from Green Ronin and it is working well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkLordJ View Post
    I have started a Mice and Msytics campaign using the Fantasy Age system from Green Ronin and it is working well.
    How does that work?

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