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Thread: Could faction dice be on the way??

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    Default Could faction dice be on the way??

    Every couple of months or so, I check to see whether Summoner Wars faction dice have been reprinted. Tonight I noticed:

    This item is currently out of stock. More is being manufactured now and we expect it to ship to customers in 0-4 months.
    I believe the "0-4 months" estimate is new. To verify, I checked the Internet Wayback Machine. Last July, the text read:

    This product has sold out and we are having more manufactured soon.
    Does this mean faction dice will be available again? Will we see a 16th Mercenary Faction die, or even a total of 24 dice to include the new Alliances? When can we pre-order? I'd love to pre-order Alliances and the new dice at the same time! Please share information if you know!

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    No, that shouldn't even be accessible. no change on the dice, sorry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joepinion View Post
    No, that shouldn't even be accessible. no change on the dice, sorry.
    Shoot, that's too bad. Thanks for the quick reply.

    By the way, this is the first hit when I search "Summoner Wars dice" with either DuckDuckGo or Google.

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    Yeah they removed the Dice cause they weren't happy with Quality.
    I hope they find a new vendor to make them. I would love to get a set with all the Summoners and the Alliances

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    Got me all excited. I too have been holding out hope for this set again. I hoped initially it would have been a cool alliances pre-order perk

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    I would be happy with just a 24 pack featuring all 24 faction symbols.

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