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Thread: 2 Rules Clarifications: Recruitment; Yugai Value visibility

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    Default 2 Rules Clarifications: Recruitment; Yugai Value visibility

    Hi esteemed CoR players. Our game group is looking for clarifications on two specific rules...

    #1 Recruitment Order
    How does recruitment work? When 'Player A' initiates a Recruitment action...
    1. Who starts the bidding? Does 'Player A' or the Player to Player A's left?
    2. If a player bids X on a gang member and no other players place a bid against bid X, does that player have to spend X, or does he just get the gang member 'free' due to 'all other players passing'?

    When Yugai come onto the board when are their # values visible?
    1. Immediately when they get placed?
    2. Immediately when a player enters into their conflicting square?
    3. Immediately after a player who is on a conflicting square rolls for an attack?

    The recruitment rule is particularly confusing for us. It seems like the initiating player can just bid super high and get the gang member for free due to all other players having to 'pass'... We are clearly doing something wrong here. Can ya'll assist in explaining?

    Thanks a ton as always!

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    Recruitment: If player A chooses "Recruit" as their action, the player to their left starts the bidding:
    "Starting with the player to his left and moving clockwise around the table, each other player who still has at least 1 turn left in this round may bid on that gang member."
    If NO ONE bids, the player who declared the recruitment gets it for free:
    "If no player bids against the player that declared his intent to recruit, that player recruits the gang member for free."
    If someone bids and everyone else passes, even if they're the only person that bid, they still pay:
    "The remaining player pays his bid and recruits the gang member."

    That's all from page 11 of the rules.

    Yugai: They are revealed immediately. For one, it would be hard to draw them from the bag without seeing them in the first place. Even if you somehow could, there is nowhere in the rules where it says to reveal them at a certain time. It's immediately when they are drawn.
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    Thanks Joepinion for the help!

    I will say that the 'blind Yugai' placement is quite fun. You never know what you get when you purposefully approach a YCU. We may play with that house rule.

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    I agree about blind Yugai, it's great that way. I personally just put the tiles in a bag and draw until I don't see the strength, then place. It's not much of a bother and I think worth it, as it makes Yugai confrontations more dramatic. They're pretty dry otherwise.

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