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Thread: Any hearthstone players?

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    I am GiantDwarf. I was going to make myself a good name, but my finger brushed the random name generator.
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    I play, too. On occasion I remember that I have a draft run going and play that. I also play whenever anyone invites me to. Mostly if I am on Battlenet I am playing Heroes of the Storm though.

    I am AdamJrSr. I might have posted my tag earlier in the thread. If not, I can be found by searching the email adam dot paul dot rouse at gmail. (The dots being periods, of course.)
    Playdek ID: Adam Palma
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    I play Hearthstone pretty often (a lot, actually). Always happy to add new people for sure. I'd love to have some people to play the new Tavern Brawl with or even just practice matches. Feel free to add me Shabazz#1598. I'm not titan of the game, but last season I made it to rank 8.
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