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Thread: Let's Talk Some More About Jexik

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    I played a few games on the weekend with the following build:


    Starting Commons - 2 Renegades, 1 Bruiser, 1 Assassin
    5 demonhands
    4 Renegades
    3 Tinkerers
    2 Snipers

    I found that this setup worked pretty well, I won all three games by a decent margin. My opponent used Oldin and Warden 2x. After using Kyra in the first game, I felt that she was too expensive and I went with Fink.

    My thoughts were:

    1) Demonhands: This has been covered in depth already - DHs are great. Admiral can also keep DHs alive, avoiding both the wound to the summoner but also putting them in a position to counter with Jexik's ability.

    2) Wall Hammer: Fink and Sniper put consistent pressure on the opponent's walls, forcing them to advance on you. With Admiral supporting them, they are not easy to eliminate by countering. By far not the greatest action-starter, but not at all the worst.

    3) Blockers: Fink is the definition of a glass cannon. Snipers too. Renegades and Jexik's extra movement allow you to cover Fink in the early going. At least once or twice I used Jexik's ability to peek the sniper out and put her back behind the wall when she shot. With Admiral, you don't even need blockers. Him and Fink become a 3AV ranged monster that can lure champs into range of your walls.

    4) Tinkerers: don't always come out in every MU (they are useless against the legion mutant) but champs like Baldar and Gror shrink in fear.

    5) Magic Denial: Heist was good for destroying wounded units downfield, which meant magic denial, plus 1 magic for you. Similarly, Daring Plan can be used on a severely wounded unit, has a great cost-to-damage ratio, and if your unit was going to die anyways the next turn, now your opponent doesn't get him. Also, Vanish can help spare your units, because when they reach out to attack they can shrink back to safety. With a champ like Fink, spending 2 cards to keep him alive another turn is probably worth it.

    6) Huge Counters: It occurred to me as I was playing that Vanish, although expensive, can be used to set up counters in the midfield against units that might think they are positioned to avoid such counters. Daring plan is also a great "go nuclear" option that can egregiously wound a champ. A woudned Fink is probably going to die in the next turn anyway, so consider just using DP and sending him to the promised land.

    I didn't explore clever diversion too much. It's obviously useful when combined with a Renegade using Heist, although that card tradeoff isn't necessarily very economical, so the card in question better be worth getting, or you are doing it en masse. At the very least the threat of such a combo should prevent your opponent from wanting to build magic too quickly. It also should be good at limiting summoner and champ movement. It seems to me that you want your units to have range if you are going to use CD to counter. That actually makes assassins not a bad choice. an assassin using CD + DP on a summoner/champ = 4 dice. Maybe a good reason to keep your starting assassin alive. It seems to me that Clever Diversion might work much better in the base deck as opposed to a rebuilt one.

    I actually didn't have much use for Barston or the extra Renegades in my deck. The Renegades I started with are just fine, I don't know if I would need many more. Perhaps if I wanted to keep the option for a big clever diversion + heist turn I would consider it. Otherwise, I might drop 2 Renegades and go for 2 other commons instead. With Jexik's power you can still handily block without needing Renegades.

    I also would probably consider subbing Violet for Barston, because even though Barston's power synergizes with a DH, and units using Heist, he's a 6-coster to go along with a 2-coster, and Violet's just cheaper with an even more awesome power. Her power leads to additional magic denial because you can shoot through your own commons to recover them, gaining the benefit of one last attack from them against an opponent, plus their magic.

    If I did cut my champ budget and 2 renegades, I'd be looking at maybe 2 extra bruisers to fill it out. Something with some added health. Maybe even drop 1 DH and add 2 Stone Golems in there. They could benefit from Jexik's ability, could live long enough to enjoy it, and they're cheaper than bruisers.

    Also maybe time mages. They could blink over, attack, then blink behind walls or commons to cover them up. With extra AV from Mundol and extra life from Admiral, that might be a build worth exploring all on its own.
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