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Thread: Occupying enemy's entrance square.

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    Question Occupying enemy's entrance square.

    So I played my first game last night and this game is really good. One thing came up though. We asked early on if we could build developments on our respective unit entrance square. We decided it was a legal placement cause we just had to match the colors. The problem arose when I took over that development and my opponent had no chance of taking it back with few troops on the board and I had the spot reinforced with units around it and had 2 Advanced weapons and higher influence. This seemed a little bobo to me, and my friend had little to no fun when put in that spot. Was it just a bad move on my friends part or...

    1. Is it legal place a development on an entrance square?

    2. Is it legal to block a players entrance spot with my units?

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    Yes it was a bad tactical decision on the opponents part.

    1. It is legal
    2. it is legal - they must fight their way back into the city

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    if you manage to get enough manpower there, and he canīt take it out, you deserve to win imo.

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