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Thread: CoRT VIII - The Fortune of Princess Kreeps

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    "That's right, Ret Ret. You can't peak too early."

    Thomas now saw that the closing ceremonies were at a close and everything seemed to be wrapped up... Except for one thing.


    Thomas thoroughly searched the asylum. He went in the kitchen, upstairs, down the dumbwaiter shaft, and even behind the chandelier that wasn't there. But he could not find Bobo.

    Thomas had all but lost hope when an IM appeared on the computer by the stairs.

    "guest34903: jopqimn"

    Thomas was confused. But then the telegraph started going it spelled out.


    "What the hell is going on-"

    Suddenly Thomas realized. He ran outside and around the bend of the asylum, where Bobo lay sprawled amongst the various telegraphs, telephones and computers that littered this outside portion of the asylum.


    Thomas ran and grabbed Bobo up. He hugged him dearly.

    "Never again... Never again..."

    Bobo then pantomimed smoking a cigarette and then rubbed his belly while making a sick face.

    "Oh. You were in withdrawal from the cigarettes. That explains it."

    Thomas then spied the side of the asylum.

    "Almost forgot about that."

    Thomas then pulled out a stone from the side of the asylum.

    "My summoning stone. Perhaps I will not die when the page ends, but will be reborn in some sort of custom faction. Perhaps."

    Just then the asylum began to stir. It creaked and groaned and just make general sounds of discomfort. Then, all at once the asylum collapsed. The game was laid to rest.
    Did you know? Invincibility lies in the defense; the possibility of victory in the attack.

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    I should hopefully be updating the Point Index with these soon. We'll see how busy I am.
    Killer Lawnmower was Yoyu the XXVII in Keep of the Necronomicon.
    Killer Lawnmower was Scam in The Admiral's an Idiot.
    Killer Lawnmower Storytold in Operation GoldenEye.
    Killer Lawnmower was Ambrose "Wildshot" Kent of Quimby in The Hall of Statues.
    Killer Lawnmower was Khexhu in Rallul's Banquet.
    Killer Lawnmower was Cadet Nathanial in The Great Marsh.
    Killer Lawnmower was Tacullu in The Twelve Masks of the Summoner.

    CoRT: 6-9 (+Storyteller x1)

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