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    Default Critical system fail

    Well if one fails, try try once more
    I would like you to take a look at the faloing system

    The Rules
    All creatures have hp, atk, and def. Def is subtracted from atk, remainder converts to damage and is subtracted from health.

    There are 5 of you, who are the players. Each had 5 hp, 1 atk, and 1 def.

    Players vote among themselves and choose a Captain. The Captain has +1 hp, +1 atk, and dibs on all items found in the dungeon
    You can make your case for why you should be the Captain, but you canít vote for yourself!

    Players can move up to one room on their turn AND make an attack or take another action of similar complexity
    (throw a switch, talk to a monster, etc). They can move into an additional room at the cost of their action, provided that they donít visit two unexplored rooms in one turn, and provided their progress isnít blocked by a hostile monster or trap or locked door.

    Whoever posts first acts first. If two people want the same item, whoever posted first gets it. Unless one of them was in another room of course. Loot that drops from defeated encounters is doled out first-come-first-served also, but players who didnít participate in the encounter have to wait for those who did before they can claim anything. And the Captain has dibs on one item per turn in the same room as him.

    A player who dies can give one of his items to any other player, but thereafter his corpse cannot be moved or interacted with.

    Remember what your elders have taught you; clever tactics and use of the environment can tip the scales in your favour. Logic applies! Donít just kick that monster, gouge out his eyes! Hit him where the sun donít shine! Thatíll do more damage!

    Some more fiddly bits. Players can attack other players thow it is not recomended. If you donít state an action, you donít take one. If you need to take an extended absence, please let us know and designate another player (or non-player!) to temporarily take your actions.

    And long live PHG!

    If you want to join post Your name and race (PE, MV, TO, ect) No fallin kingdom, sorry.
    You start out with Ceramoneal Armor +1 def

    Now after reading coment

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    Sure, I'll play.

    Syurtpiutha: Mercenary (if that is not a valid race, Tundra Orc)

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