View Full Version : Lords of Xidit

07-02-2014, 03:53 PM
This game is coming out soon, which is set in the Seasons game universe, but it's completely different. Sort of a remake of Himalaya, which I've never played.

I downloaded and read the rules, and I'm really intrigued. It has the same gorgeous Seasons artwork and great looking components.

Game play looks solid. In short, each person roams about the map to various cities via pre-programmed dials, hiring units and using them to defeat creatures. When you do, you choose to earn 2 out of 3 resources, which varies by creature. How you accumulate each resource is different, with some hidden and some not. (One is gold tokens, another gives area control "fame" in the regions, and last is "first come, first serve" in building towers in each region.) At the start, the 3 resources are randomly ranked in importance. At the end of 12 rounds, you all compare your 1st resource, and whoever has the least is eliminated. The remaining players do the same with the 2nd resource, and again with the 3rd. Last person remaining is the winner.

Anyone else thinking of trying this game? It's rare that I pre-order a game (unless it's SW) but I am in this case.