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12-02-2014, 07:55 AM
Last podcast they discussed a bunch of stuff about conventions including figuring out how many copies of games to bring to conventions and how to make sure they are distributed fairly.
Is it possible to have people buy free event tickets for time slots to come and purchase a game and limit it to 20 tickets every 30 minutes or maybe 50 per hour? This would somewhat help vendors as well since there would be more of a steady stream and it's kind of like pre-ordering. Vendors could bring the number of games equal to the tickets sold plus 100 more to sell to people who didn't get a ticket, or for people who wanted to buy two copies. For customers, it would help eliminate the rush right away in the morning and trying to speedwalk towards the hot booth, also you could sign up for later in the day and not have to carry your merch around all day.

There is probably a reason this doesn't already happen, maybe it's against GenCon policy? Is there a way you can limit the number of tickets one attendee can buy to prevent a turd from ruining the system?

Just throwing that out there.

12-02-2014, 03:00 PM
It would stop people from walking around and finding games they didn't know about. This will be my first GenCon and I plan on walking around and finding games I didn't know about. Having to get tickets wouldn't allow me to do that.