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  1. Card Sizes
  2. Cards readability
  3. Complexity (or...Ashes versus Conquest)
  4. Promo Phoenixborn and unique unit questions...plus a bonus question
  5. How to get involved
  6. Ashes Playlist
  7. why so few male phoenix born?
  8. Absence of "Destroy" spells?
  9. Plaid Hat's LCG?
  10. Game Mats
  11. Promotion Length
  12. Game is not out yet and I'm already making variants
  13. Get excited
  14. Every Card Revealed - Who Will You Play First?
  15. Dice Symbol Variance
  16. Any Columbus, OH players?
  17. Ashes Contest Discussion Thread
  18. Interview with Isaac, Colby, and Emerson. Questions for them?
  19. EU friendly preorders?
  20. What Type of sleeves? (Brand?)
  21. Boards Alive Podcast Interviews Colby, Isaac and Emerson
  22. Shipping update? Dimona preview?
  23. Pre Order Questions
  24. Ashes made the news on GameSpot
  25. PHG Sent Me a Package.
  26. Ashes at the PO, standing outside in a nonexistant line
  27. Dimona Odinstar, Phoenixborn of Rayward Suggested deck?
  28. Damaged Cards
  29. Dimona Promo Card
  30. Vassal Module available somewhere? :)
  31. First ever DIY insert
  32. Card Database Spreadsheet
  33. Seaside Raven - Magic Guard
  34. Dallas/Ft. Worth Scene
  35. Ashes play mats?
  36. The Gilder is so.... cheap.
  37. Board game still shipping with the promo?
  38. Art prints
  39. GenCon tournament
  40. Ordered at the booth @Gencon
  41. news for the canadian shipping ?
  42. Reflections in the Water...
  43. Questions about shipping to New Zealand
  44. Teaser for the next Phoenixborn...
  45. Iron Rhinos....
  46. Crystal Shield
  47. Playtesting Open with more card spoilers!
  48. Phoenixborn in Louisville, KY?
  49. New Fansite and Looking for Fansite Assets
  50. Official tourney rules?
  51. German Version?
  52. How much damage can you do in Round 1?
  53. First game of Ashes a total blowout (Aradel v. Noah)
  54. Cards by dice type (deckbuilding)
  55. Tournament Support - What is it?
  56. Anybody Playing This?
  57. Ashes Deckbuilder
  58. Release schedule / pacing
  59. Enticing New Players
  60. Best card in the core set?
  61. Missing 2 cards?
  62. Pre Order Promo?
  63. Buy Dimona Odinstar?
  64. Feels like it's missing something?
  65. Players in Scotland!
  66. Players in Chicago, Il
  67. Where is the discussion taking place ?
  68. Ashes "color pie"
  69. Wondering if I should take the plunge?
  70. New Ashes blog
  71. HAndicap
  72. question about the 2 promo phoenixborn
  73. Columbus, Ohio Players?
  74. Drafts and the New Sets
  75. Decks that avoid playing the game?
  76. Ashes Demo and casual play in the Carolinas
  77. Suggestion: future Lulu/Dimona theme decks
  78. Toronto/Hamilton
  79. Ashes players and community in Rotterdam/The netherlands
  80. Ashes players in Essen?
  81. Lulu Preconstructed
  82. AnyGeneral tips for a new Ashes player?
  83. Budding scene in SE Michigan
  84. First Impressions of Ashes
  85. Weekly Ashes Causal Plays starting 6/13/16 in Matthews NC
  86. Availability of Expansion Decks in Europe
  87. Columbus, OH Ashes Tournament
  88. Playmats???
  89. Reprints?
  90. trying to start ashes in the bellevue washington area.
  91. I see lots of different "Exclusive Phoenix Born" on site but confused
  92. Looking for Players in the Los Angeles area
  93. A few Questions
  94. A sudden and unannounced appearance of new decks
  95. Suggested Starting Five for Namine & Odette?
  96. Where is the community?