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  1. Question about drafting: Phoenixborn-Specific Cards
  2. Unit Guard ability question
  3. Expansions and Dice
  4. Odds on dice?
  5. Hypnotize "cannot be guarded" question
  6. Falso Demon vs Silver Snake
  7. Guarding and the term "Unit"
  8. Limitations on Unit Alterations
  9. Full Rulebook available ?
  10. inexhaustible effects
  11. ashes for EUROPE ? for FRANCE WITH FRENCH RULES and game in french ?
  12. "Transfer" question
  13. Battle Advantage
  14. First 5 and possibility of cheating
  15. Living Doll - Definition of "Life Value"
  16. Silver snake's "Consume" ability
  17. "Abundance" and Pheonixborn abilities
  18. "Spiked Armor" spell question
  19. LF Official word on procedure and timing or triggered effects and Resolving Damage
  20. Are abilities optional?
  21. Cut The Strings vs. False Demon/Bring Forth with wounds
  22. Blood Puppet - Is cursed 1 exhaustable?
  23. Focus and exhaustion? Oh and multiple alterations on one unit
  24. Dead Phoenixborn and Multiplayer
  25. Paying for Wolves
  26. Jaguar vs Sniper...
  27. Blue Jaguar vs Strange Copy
  28. Reflections of Water Question
  29. Multiple attacks per turn?
  30. Faded ally already destroyed
  31. Battlefield Counts and Cards or Units
  32. Can you be forced above your Battlefield limit?
  33. Draw damage: Incremental or lump sum?
  34. Reflections/Cut the Strings/Massive Growth, and revealed destruction
  35. Spell board limit
  36. Blood Puppet and Sympathy Pain
  37. One Hundred Blades vs. Golden Veil
  38. Golden Veil vs. Alterations
  39. Block with Both Phoenixborn and Units with Unit Guard
  40. Shifting Mist/Call Upon the Realms effect question
  41. Living Doll Question
  42. Reflections in the Water vs Silver Snake
  43. Blood Puppet ally?
  44. Spell Guard AND Magic Guard?
  45. Playing Sympathy Pain When Drawing an Exhausted Draw Pile
  46. Last procedure/timing/damage question (hopefully)
  47. Respark from hand
  48. Strange Copy - Alteration Spells (i.e. Massive Growth)
  49. Living Doll, Transfer, Redirect, and Reflections Questions
  50. Clarification on simultaneous effects
  51. Blood Puppet and Respark Question
  52. Hammer Knight ability in interaction with blocking units?
  53. Damage/wounds
  54. Bad Base Deck Matchup Snakes in Silver vs The Mist Guardian.
  55. Fade away chant of revenger timing?
  56. First 5 general Question (tournament play?)
  57. Stormwind Sniper, Anchornaut and Blue Jaguar
  58. Can you take a side action and then pass as a main action?
  59. Golden veil and small sacrifice.
  60. Reflections In The Water
  61. Assigning blockers and countering.
  62. More questions on triggered effects
  63. Conjuration card number limit and spellboard limit
  64. abilities and exhaustion
  65. One last question about blocking
  66. Can I discard unwanted spellbooks?
  67. Seaside raven's battlefield advantage
  68. Anchornaut Throw Question
  69. Order of Declaring Reactions
  70. Order of Effect Damage Resolution
  71. Timing for Throw
  72. FAQ Question - Living Doll - HK
  73. Purge focus and Enchanted Violinist
  74. Conjurations
  75. Redirect + Consume Question
  76. Strange Copy & Status tokens
  77. Strange Copy & Fear
  78. A Question about Purge
  79. Recover on a 0/1/1 card
  80. Anchornaut and transfer
  81. Nooby questions
  82. Question about the steps of destruction...
  83. Redirect
  84. Triggered effects: order of declaration and opportunity window
  85. Slack group for rules clarifications
  86. Hypnotize and attacking a unit
  87. Abundance Question
  88. Choke, "used", and other hard timing stuff
  89. Rin and Brennen first 5?
  90. Living Doll and Fatal Damage
  91. Attack sequence
  92. Some questions : Bear FrostBack, Poison, Mist Spirit, Shadow Counter
  93. Golden Veil and Summon Gilder
  94. Multiple Silver Snakes, Multiple Consumes if One Unit is Killed
  95. More living doll stuff....
  96. Few noob questions
  97. Amplify - The roaring rose
  98. new on ashes...
  99. like selling ice cream trucks?
  100. Hammer Knight question