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  1. City of Remnants Question
  2. A Few City of Remnants Questions
  3. Basic Renown Question
  4. Continuation of Combat question
  5. Items Stacking Question...
  6. Influence Increase Question...
  7. Yugai controlled buildings..?
  8. About the Scrapper...
  9. Communication Device
  10. Missing Cards
  11. Price reductions and last payer bidding
  12. Draft FAQ document
  13. Just got the game a few questions prior to first game
  14. When can you play free action cards - Timing Question
  15. Some Questions
  16. Mr Bross Starstrider's Special...
  17. Can you play special abilities after Refresh?
  18. before first game
  19. Smoke Bomb Questions
  20. 6 Questions/Clarifications unanswered in rulebook and errata.
  21. Movement/ Large buildings Question
  22. Buy Reputation action question
  23. Actions during your turn
  24. After a Battle
  25. My interpretation of the rules.
  26. Reccruiter - Minimum bid of 1000 required?
  27. Couple Questions that came up during game play
  28. rally the troops
  29. a few questions
  30. When a tie breaker is a tie
  31. Order of actions in Reset Phase
  32. When do your cards go into your discard pile?
  33. recruitment question
  34. Occupying enemy's entrance square.
  35. Smoke Bombs question
  36. 2 Rules Clarifications: Recruitment; Yugai Value visibility