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  1. Sneek Hunt
  2. Elves vs. Orcs
  3. The Fall of Oldin
  4. Goblin Invinci-what?
  5. Dwarves & Elves - A Final Stand
  6. Thanksgiving Nephew Wars
  7. Onacara Clan Battle Reports
  8. Thorkur and the Magic Piņata (first two team games!)
  9. Orcs vs Dwarves
  10. Batlles chit-chat
  11. Vanguard: First Two Games (Best Lost EVER)
  12. KCU's Battle Reports
  13. Assault on the Vanguards
  14. Never invade the Tundra in Winter
  15. Love for the Orcs
  16. Goblin Tenacity
  17. Goblins vs. Dwarves (First Game)
  18. Goblins and Dwarvses and Orcs, oh MY!
  19. My GenCon 2010 Report
  20. Elves vs. Goblins
  21. Two for one
  22. Custom Faction - Battles - Submit your Custom Battles Here
  23. 4-1 2nd Place Warren OH Tourney Battle Report
  24. First Game! Dwarves v.s. Goblins
  25. Orcs are Great (Warren,OH SW/HS tourney report)
  26. Kaiser's reinforcement pack debut-Pe v. TO.
  27. First epic battle in the Great NW
  28. My Fremont, OH Feb 2010 Battle Report
  29. Good Afternoon Fremont
  30. Mook + Rage + Horde Attack = Dead Grognack
  31. You wanna scrap?
  32. Ranior's Battle Reports
  33. Jebuh214's Battle Recaps
  34. I came. I saw. DenCon-quered.
  35. A Couple of Cloak Games...Or, how I beat the Guild Dwarves
  36. First time with Cloaks and Reinforcements
  37. Nice Guys Finish 4th
  38. Jungle elves fresh out of the box
  39. Quintaton16's Battle Reports
  40. Cloaks vs. Jungle Elves:
  41. Killer Lawnmower's Battle Records
  42. Deceit's Battle Reports
  43. Win on first turn?
  44. Sand Goblins v. Tundra Orcs, or, how I learned to love Silts
  45. esper88's Battle Reports
  46. Gencon 2011 Faction Battles 1st Place Report
  47. Summoner Wars Tournament - 8/20
  48. Beware, the Cloaks are overpowered, and the Vargath are still in beta
  49. Summoner Wars til 2012
  50. Forest Frenzy Battle Report
  51. The first ever Vassal tournament report.
  52. Instant Death in Bender vs Filth Game
  53. Post some Battle Combos...
  54. Summoner Wars @ Family Fun Hobbies 4/3
  55. Wow! Devestating Battle!
  56. Sand Goblins Nail-Biter!
  57. A momentous day
  58. Teaching Day
  59. Goof Vs. Colby (screamingtruth) ios app
  60. My Gencon 2012 Adventure (or who the heck is AJ S?)
  61. Gencon 2012 Faction Starter Deck Battle Massacre
  62. Solo Game Reports - An Ongoing War
  63. Win in first round!!
  64. Cave Goblins versus Fallen Kingdom: Swarmed by Undead!
  65. Jungle Elves vs Mountain Vargath: He did not see that coming...
  66. Swamp Vermin and Malevolence
  67. Epic moments of wonderful glory!!!!!!!!
  68. How to make battle report pictures?
  69. Sand Goblins vs Tundra Orcs
  70. SW Mega #1: Mountain Vargath vs. Jungle Elves
  71. SW Mega #2: Vanguards vs. Mercenaries
  72. SW Mega #3: Phoenix Elves vs. Sand Goblins
  73. First game
  74. SW Mega #4: Cloaks vs. Benders
  75. SW Mega #5: Tundra Orcs vs. Shadow Elves
  76. Tacullu's Drink of Choice
  77. SW Mega #6: Guild Dwarves vs. The Filth
  78. SE vs. FK: Crazy Comeback
  79. SW Mega #7: Cave Goblins vs. Swamp Orcs
  80. GLISA February 2013 Five for Fighting 1st Place Battle Report
  81. GLISA February 2013 Five for Fighting 2nd Place Battle Report
  82. SW Mega #8: Fallen Kingdom vs. Deep Dwarves
  83. Repost - The ACTUAL Official Unofficial Rabble Playtesting Thread
  84. Your worst game ever
  85. Bender vs Cloak Narrative report
  86. Summoner Wars Tournament - Philippines! Battle Report
  87. Wound Marker Bonanza
  88. Queen Maldaria vs. Bolvi Battle Report/Second Summoner Review
  89. 2nd Summoners: Guild Dwarves vs. Cave Goblins, Round TWO!
  90. Bammental Summoning - Battle Report
  91. Philippines! Battle Report 2 - Vanguards win!
  92. Summoner wars "Stalemate"?
  93. 2nd Summoners: Vanguards vs. Fallen Kingdom, ROUND TWO!
  94. KC's 2013 Gen Con Report
  95. cmarie's GenCon Battle Reports (2013)
  96. Bolvi's Barricaded and Boxed in Bane: Stalemate... Again
  97. Sybil Swancott: Total Domination
  98. Sam vs. Oldin is an easy one
  99. Cooling the Wrath of the Queen
  100. Went Old school GD vs CG base decks
  101. Gamers on Games Episode 85 : Let's Play Summoner Wars
  102. Fear the abandoned Clinger
  103. Gul-Dass vs Guldune was this game a draw?
  104. Jexik vs. Nikuya Na Highlights/Lowlights
  105. 2nd Summoners: Cloaks vs. Jungle Elves, ROUND TWO!
  106. OFFICIAL Winter iOS Tournament 2014 Finals - Glenn3e (JE) vs Mundungu (TO)
  107. Best. Win. Ever.
  108. Vengeance upon the Horde by... Jacob?
  109. first time with Sirian and loved it.
  110. Late to the party in a Cloak
  111. Nikuya Na vs. Princess Elien, Nik gets his butt whipped.
  112. Jexik vs Tacullu and Nikuya Na vs Rallul
  113. Match-Ups Against Jexiks
  114. Match-Ups Against Nikuya Na
  115. Grognak vs Frick
  116. My battle reports from the Android application
  117. Hogar's Run: Tundra Guild versus Cave Filth
  118. Stinking Swamps: Swamp Mercenaries vs. Fallen Phoenix
  119. Sandy Graves: Sand Cloaks vs. Deep Benders
  120. Hogar vs. Samuel
  121. Quonxy vs superbox
  122. Summoner Wars Channel!
  123. Yep, this happened...
  124. I'm sick of seeing the PE.
  125. Avan: Natazga vs Tacullu
  126. Avan, Natazga vs Sirian
  127. Avan matches: Malenatar vs Maldaria.
  128. Avan Natazga vs Maldaria
  129. Avan matches - Saturos vs Ellien
  130. New Second Summoners Battle report!
  131. Avan matches - The dinky adventures.
  132. Offense vs Defense: Waterd vs Usscaptaingordon
  133. Tried 4 of 8 New Summoners
  134. Natazga vs Scraven
  135. Waterd vs Jyoder, Scraven vs Saturos
  136. Playing 3 new decks/old deck with new cards tonight
  137. Avan matches - Sam vs Torgan
  138. Original SW: Marek vs Saturos
  139. Virtual tournament- Offensive vs Defense, Original rules
  140. Natazga, Saturos, Farrah
  141. "New" Hogar and Ret (w/Second Summoner Units)
  142. Scraven v. Maldaria
  143. Round robin with friends
  144. Natazga: more thoughts
  145. Hats off to Brath designer and playtesters
  146. New Sneeks v. New Torgan
  147. New Torgan v. Elien
  148. The Death of Summoner Wars? GenCon 2017