Guardians: Retribution Expansion

Guardians: Retribution Expansion

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New heroes emerge to fight for the future in the second Guardians Hero Pack, Retribution! Expand your collection with four new and unique heroes, each with their own distinct set of cards and abilities. Therion is a super-powered mercenary with primal strength. Ryker is a cunning tactician and legendary soldier. Warhead makes use of a nuclear powered thruster pack to traverse the battlefield and and hit enemies with radioactive attacks. Lastly, Jupiter is a powerful psychic that relies on telekinesis to manipulate gravity around her enemies. Each hero includes a full power deck and Ultimate card, which can be added to your collection right away and drafted into new Guardians decks!

  • Four New and Unique Heroes to add to your Guardians Collection!
  • Explore new combinations to make the Ultimate Super-Fighting team!

Set Contents:

    • 4 Hero Cards
    • 24 Power Cards
    • 4 Ultimate Cards
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