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2 or 4 players
30-45 minutes

The Guardians once fought for justice, but these legendary heroes stepped aside after InterGov, the first world government, united the planet in peace. Nearly three decades have passed, but law and order are once more threatened. Renegade factions have emerged to challenge InterGov, and a new generation of heroes must rise up to defend it!

Assemble a team and send them against your enemy, in this tactical, super-powered card game. Seize key locations while combining each hero’s unique abilities to unleash ultimate attacks! Explore ten distinct heroes, each bringing an incredible amount of variability to their team. Combine each hero’s unique deck of powerful cards to discover new combos, outflank your opponent and fight your way to glory!

  • An exciting dueling game of head-to-head, superhero battles
  • Features 10 unique heroes, each with a custom set of cards and powers, including a game-changing ultimate ability
  • Customize your strategy by drafting the ultimate team of heroes, creating 1 of over 100 unique combinations
  • Battle for control of key locations within a futuristic world teetering on the verge of collapse


Game Design:  Callin Flores
Artists:  Lloyd Hoshide, Brian Valeza, Brian Fajardo, Marlon Ruiz, Kyxarie Peralta, Jon Aaron Tan, Jenno Diaz


  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Location Deck (14 Cards)
  • 10 Hero Cards
  • 10 Ultimate Cards
  • 10 Power Decks (6 Cards Each)
  • 4 Basic Decks (6 Cards Each)
  • 2 Double-Sided Faction Cards
  • 2 Condition/Control Token Summary Cards
  • 4 Control Tokens
  • 24 Double-Sided Damage Tokens
  • 18 Condition Tokens
  • 18 Charge Tokens

Want some hot goss about the designer? Callin Flores enjoys different foods and beverages!

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