Coming Soon J&F BannerWelcome back, Ashes players! We hope everyone has enjoyed their holiday seasons so far. Today we continue exploring Fiona’s base deck, and today we reveal one of the biggest conjurations in the game. Behold the Majestic Titan!

Summon TitanMajestic Titan

Magestic Titan

There is serious power arriving with this conjuration. A 2/6/3 stat line gives the Titan incredible staying power, which you are going to want with a conjuration limit of 1 and a 4-dice cost! The Majestic Titan can be summoned with just charm magic, or with a little sympathy if needed. This unit is loaded with abilities on both the unit and the spell, so let’s dive in. Gigantic 2 is an ability previously seen on the Archasaurus Mount, and this ability really adds some offensive pressure to the battlefield. Low life units like Gilder will be unable to block or guard against an oncoming Titan, letting you get some big hits on a Phoenixborn (perhaps with Massive Growth attached?), or just the right target unit. When the Titan hits a unit, it’s gonna send them right into damaging ANOTHER unit with Befuddling Blow! A great way to clear up the battlefield is to turn a high attack enemy unit against their friends.

Moving on to the summon spell, the Titan has some built-in protection when you have an unexhausted Titan spell. Right off the bat, Fiona can use Ingenuity after summoning a Titan to offer a one-time use of protection from spells, abilities, or dice powers by discarding the book. This can offer some much needed protection against cards like Fear, or when your opponent is chipping away at a wounded Titan in an attempt to prevent it from recovering 3 at the end of the round. You can get additional protection from opposing alterations, such as Mark of the Goddess and Regress, by focusing your Titan book. These protection abilities are a great way to make sure you get the most out of your 4-dice investment!

Essence Druid

Essence Druid

We’ve seen some of the conjured creatures of Birdsnest, but Finoa is not without help from the local forest dwellers. The Essence Druid is an ally that fulfills a few crucial roles in Fiona’s deck. With Fiona’s heavy focus on ready spells, Essence Druids help return lost or used ready spells when they enter play. This is especially helpful with Summon Majestic Titan spells when using their spell, ability, and dice power cancellation effects. The Essence Druid is also a great support ally in battle with a healthy 4 life for defense and the Calm the Beast ability. This allows the Essence Druid to reduce the attack of all units battling her when she attacks or counters. Being able to nullify an incoming Hammer Knight attack is a sure way to slow down your opponent’s offense and make them second guess their plans.

Seeds of Aggression

Seeds of Aggression

Our last card for today is the action spell Seeds of Aggression. This is a straightforward damage spell that has two units deal damage to each other equal to their attack. For one charm or sympathy power die, this can be a great way to proactively but conditionally, control the board. Note that exhausted units can still deal damage with this spell, so attacking with your unit first can be a great way to get some extra value in before your unit is destroyed. It is especially worth noting that Seeds of Aggression does trigger Majestic Titan’s Befuddling Blow ability, allowing you to deal even more damage with this spell!

Thanks for reading! Next week concludes our previews of Fiona’s deck, but stay tuned for later this week as we see more allies, both dead and alive, summoned to fight for James Endersight!

Until next time,

-Nick Conley