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Ashes Preview: A Higher Path

Enlightenment, Holy Relics and Law of Fear

Echo Jericho Banner

Welcome back Ashes players! Today concludes the previews for Echo’s deck, the Masters of Gravity. So far we have seen the many ways Echo can use and manipulate exhaustion tokens to his advantage, as well as the elite class of units Echo calls to battle. Finally, we will be looking at the remaining support cards that are in this expansion.




Enlightenment is a new spin on the old classics, Refresh and Transfer, with the added bonus that Enlightenment can remove an exhaustion token from any card type! Whether you are looking to get another use out of an important ready spell or Phoenixborn ability, or simply trying to attack again with your best unit, Enlightenment provides the flexibility to meet your needs. With powerful units like Sonic Swordsman and abilities like Echo’s Increase Gravity, you may find Enlightenment to be just the card you need in the heat of battle.


Holy Relics


We’ve already seen that Divine magic is home to powerful alterations like Power Through, and Holy Relics is no exception. The +2 attack and +2 life bonuses are simple and straightforward, but when used wisely, can cause a great deal of frustration for your opponent. Light Swordsman can make exceptional use out of Holy Relics due to the fact that it can enter play on a side action, then immediately equip itself with Holy Relics for your main action. Even better yet, Holy Relics may end up facedown underneath your Polarity Mage, who can Give it to your Light Swordsman when it enters play, followed immediately by an attack action!


Law of Fear


Law of Fear is the last card for this expansion deck, but it is certain to make a splash. Law of Fear grants an immediate boost of +1 attack to 3 units, allowing you to create a sudden burst of offensive power when building up an army of units. And if the attack bonus wasn’t enough pressure for your opponents, this Law states that players must pay 1 or take 2 wounds to their Phoenixborn to even block or guard! There is no way around it; Law of Fear is sure to deal cause some serious damage when it hits the table. This spell does not come without drawback, however, as you will also be susceptible to the additional costs of dice or wounds when your opponent retaliates. Fortunately, it only lasts for the remainder of the round, as all Laws do.

This spell can be a very effective tool for closing out games by threatening damage in more than one way. I hope you look forward to finding ways to use this spell to pressure your opponents and mitigate its drawback! 

That’s all for the Masters of Gravity expansion deck! It has been a pleasure being able to preview these exciting new additions to the Ashes card pool, and I hope you enjoy exploring the possibilities that they add to the game. Remember, both the Path of Assassins and the Masters of Gravity expansion decks are available now! stay tuned for our final preview article this Thursday!