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Ashes Preview: Honor the Pride

Emperor Lion, Holy Knight and Power Through!

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"Come forth, harbinger of justice!"

Welcome back to our  Ashes previews. This week will be our final look into  “The Laws of Lions” and “The Songs of Soaksend” Deluxe Expansions before their release! These last few cards are quite impressive, so we’re certainly excited to see all the great strategies players execute with them.  Remember, Odette and Namine’s abilities and Phoenixborn exclusive cards have already been shown off in earlier articles. You can also find the previous Deluxe Expansion previews here. Now, let’s jump into Odette’s final preview!

summon Emperor LionEmperor Lion

Emperor Lion

This unit is as imposing as its name suggest!  For 2 Divine Class and 1 Basic, the Emperor Lion boasts an attack value of 3 and a life value of 3. It also has Spite 1, an infamous ability that has marked Frostback Bear  as one of the most aggressive and powerful conjurations in Ashes! Furthermore, Healing Aura 1 is a great way to strengthen up your board presence. This is especially true if you have multiple Emperor Lions in play since they can all benefit from each other’s aura! It also synergizes well with the previously revealed Winged Lioness, which can clear the way for the Emperor Lion to trigger Spite for additional damage. Opponent players will tremble before this heavy hitter! 

Holy Knight

Holy Knight

Clear a path for the Holy Knight, who has an attack value of 5, a life value of 3 and a recover value of 2, making it  one of the strongest allies yet. Once it hits the battlefield, the Impenetrable ability makes this Knight even harder to dispatch. Unlike other units, it can’t be removed by Fear, Molten Gold, or other standard removal cards. Plus, if a player can support a Holy Knight with an Emperor Lion or two, this ally can become nearly unstoppable. Fear thy Holy Knight! 

Power Through

Power Through

And so, we come to the end of Odette’s preview with a very powerful alteration spell designed with the Holy Knight in mind. Power Through gives the altered unit an ability new to Ashes, Overkill.  A unit with the overkill ability  deals damage to an opponent’s Phoenixborn when it destroys an opponent’s unit.  Utilizing this card will open up avenues  to overcome decks that attempt to wall up behind smaller units like Mist Spirits or Three-Eyed Owls. Players can now cut through these defenders and still hit the Phoenixborn directly. Power Through can also be Resparked for future units as well!

That’s all for Odette’s previews! Be sure to check back later this week for Namine’s last preview article. Both decks will be available soon from retailers and our own online store! Remember, even though previews are winding down, we’ve still got plenty of Ashes content on the way, including more reveals, interviews, event reports and more! Also, don’t forget to check with local retailers to find out which stores near you are participating in the War Within event series. Finally, be sure to check out our web store where plenty of Ashes content is back in stock including dice packs and exclusive Phoenixborn like Orrick, Lulu and Dimona. See you later in the week for Namine’s preview!