Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

Bellor's Retribution

A first glimpse at the next Reinforcement Pack

Last summer the Summoner Wars Master Set was first made available, with 6 all-new factions.  Back in February we saw Reinforcement Packs for 4 of those 6: Taliya's Spirit for the Shadow Elves and the Sand Goblins, and Piclo's Magic for the Deep Dwarves and the Benders.  Now we are happy to see a glimpse of the pack for the last 2 factions: the Mountain Vargath and the Swamp Orcs.  It will be called Bellor's Retribution:

Bellor's Retribution

As we see, this follows the pattern of the recent Reinforcement Packs: it shows 2 new Units, one for each Faction represented.  The Swamp Orc Unit looks very intriguing: it looks so covered with vines that you can't see its head.  Or is one of the skulls its head? 

Anyway, the foreground character is the champion Bellor for the Mountain Vargath.  His appearance is pretty similar to any of the other Vargath bruisers -- someone you would much rather have fighting on your side.  Fortunately we do not have to speculate about what his "Retribution" is, because here is a preview of his card!:


I must say that I'm impressed.  Retribution allows Bellor to strike back at any adjacent Unit that attacks him -- if he is not destroyed first.  And with 7 Life Points, he can stick around to hurt a lot of attackers.  He has the same stats as Torodin, but has the potential to do more damage, as he might wound up to 4 attackers each turn.  Then again, his very ability can have an intimidating effect on attackers, who might try attacking from a distance, or not at all; so he might not have a chance to dispense Retribution as often as he might like. 

I have noticed a subtle point: Retribution works exactly like an attack, in that 1 die is rolled and the target is wounded if the result is 3 or higher.  But since it is not called an attack, Abilities or Events that affect attacks or are triggered by attacks do not apply to Retribution. 

The projected shipping date for Bellor's Retribution is sometime in September.