It’s time to announce the winner of our Gen Con 2016 Ashes Cosplay Contest! The completion this year was fierce, with many fans of Ashes going above and beyond to take the prize. Before we announce the winner, let’s take a look at some of the contestants!

 Photo Credi: Douglas Morse

Each and every contestant this year put a considerable amount of effort into their cosplay, and the results really speak for themselves. All told, this year’s contest saw 5 unique Phoenixborn, 2 Allies and 1 Conjuration! The variety in submissions was amazing to see!

Noah  and Dimona stopped by the tournament for support

Even some of the Plaid Hat Volunteers got in on the action, sporting costumes at our own booth and making appearances at the Ashes tournaments being held throughout the event. Although the completion was tough, only one contestant could emerge victorious. And the winner is…

Maria Rossi!

Congratulations to Maria, who will be taking home a prize of $200 in store credit AND $200 cash! Maria truly took her costume to the next level by constructing a scale replica of the Hammer Knight’s titular weapon. Thanks to all the cosplay contestants for making this year’s Gen Con Ashes Cosplay Contest the best yet! We hope to see even more participants next year!

 Photo Credi: Douglas Morse