“Now is the time of the Collection of Ashes, when Phoenixborn must battle Phoenixborn until only one remains to inherit a newborn world.”

Is there anything close to the jitters you get before a big tournament? The countless hours of analyzing and comparing, of building and deconstructing and rebuilding your deck? All to see who will emerge victorious in Indy! There’s nothing quite like it! As players from all across the world prepare to meet and do battle at Gen Con 2016, we wanted to take a moment and make a very special announcement for those involved.

We will have ample copies of The Roaring Rose and The Duchess of Deception expansions available, as well as the Exclusive Phoenixborn, Orrick Gilstream, but we want to make sure that each and every player participating in our tournament will have the opportunity to purchase the expansions before their tournament. This poses a unique problem for players in the tournament taking place on Friday, August 5th at 9:00 a.m. We understand that many convention goers might not have a chance to stop by our booth and pick up their copies of Leo, Victoria and Orrick.

In order to provide a means for all players in this, what our largest tournament to date, we are offering an exclusive preorder convention pickup to participants in this tournament. Again, to be clear, this option ONLY applies to participants in the Ashes Constructed Tournament for 9:00 a.m. on Friday, August 5th. In order to take advantage of this option, you must preorder these decks from our website BEFORE Friday, August 5th. After doing so, players must send an email to [email protected] with their order information. These names will be checked against the list of players who will be participating in the tournament. Once you've emailed us, we'll have a copy of the expansions available at the tournament. Remember, these cards will be legal for tournament use. 

Thank you so much for cooperating with us to make this the greatest Ashes event yet! We are eagerly awaiting to see which player emerges victorious!