“You fail to understand what we are.”

It’s time to take a look at Gorrenrock’s finest! Lulu Firststone is a powerhouse Phoenixborn with a devastating unique action spell, Phoenix Barrage! Don’t forget, Lulu and her unique card are available for purchase from the Plaid Hat Games Online Shop, but you can also get her for free when you order The Children of Blackcloud or The Frostdale Giants expansions, or pre-order The Roaring Rose or the Duchess of Deception! Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the toughest Phoenixborn in Gorrenrock!

The Essential Rundown of Lulu


The Stats:

Lulu is a Phoenixborn of extremes, and her 3 stats are reflective of that. Although she might seem like a difficult Phoenixborn to pilot at first, with a little time and practice Lulu can easily give her opponents a run for their money. Today, we’ll take a look at Lulu’s stats, as well as her special ability, Bolster.

Life Value 21: Lulu’s high life value of 21 is easily one of her greatest strengths. While other contenders will have to worry about matching their loss of life with their opponents, Lulu starts at a great advantage. With the second highest life value of any Phoenixborn yet, Lulu’s staying power is not to be underestimated.

Battlefield Value 4: Lulu’s battlefield value of 4 one of the lowest seen yet, and it poses a unique challenge for players. Because of her low battlefield value, Lulu players must be cautious when choosing to attack or counter with the few units at their disposal, as it might leave her open to retaliation. Additionally, abilities that exhaust units can be devastating to a Lulu player’s battlefield. Using Lulu’s battlefield strategically will be a key element in her success.

Spellboard Value 4: A spellboard value of 4 is on par with most Phoenixborn, and offers a versatile selection of ready spells for players. With this median value, Lulu players will be able to incorporate a good mix of summon and utility ready spells for Lulu to use.

Bolster: Lulu might only have a battlefield value of 4, but with Bolster those units are going to be packing quite the punch! For just 1Basic and a Side Action, Lulu adds 1 to the attack value of ALL units under her control until the current turn ends. This can lead to some truly devastating attacks from the Phoenixborn of Gorrenrock. Bolster can be instrumental in changing the tides of battle against your enemies. With this ability, even smaller units can pose a serious threat with Lulu.

Unleash the Power of Gorrenrock

Phoenix Barrage

The art of Phoenix Barrage should tell you right away what this card is all about: unleashing all of Lulu’s explosive power! Phoenix Barrage deals 4 damage to a target unit, meaning there are very few allies or conjurations that can withstand the power of Lulu’s wrath. As if that weren’t enough, Phoenix Barrage ALSO deals 2 damage to a target Phoenixborn! That means in addition to obliterating a unit on the battlefield, your opponent is also potentially taking 2 damage as well, and all for only 3Basic. Phoenix Barrage is a great way to remove a potential threat while still dealing damage directly to your enemy.

The Strategy of…

Lulu has no pre-built deck, so we’ve decided to provide one for players to use against other decks, such as the Frostdale Giants or the Children of Blackcloud. The Might of Gorrenrock is a hard-hitting deck designed to capitalize on Lulu’s high life value and her powerful Bolster special ability. This deck relies on the strength of some of the most powerful allies in the game to clear the battlefield for some seriously daunting conjurations. Take a look at the deck and try it out!

The Might of Gorrenrock

Lulu Firststone

Dice Pool
5 x Ceremonial   5 x Natural

3x Chant of Revenge
3x Expand Energy
3x Summon Iron Rhino
3x Final Cry
3x Molten Gold
3x Phoenix Barrage
3x Anchornaut
3x Hammer Knight
3x Iron Worker
3x Leech Warrior

5x Iron Rhino

Do you have what it takes?

Well, that’s all for now. Lulu is a truly dynamic Phoenixborn and a serious threat to her enemies. Her strength is not to be underestimated. Be sure to unleash her against other Phoenixborn soon!

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