Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

Ashes GenCon Cosplay Contest!

All Frostback Bears welcome

Friends, for the last three years Plaid Hat Games has had cosplayers show up for our titles! 

It began in 2013 now with our first cosplayer, cmarie, in a memorable Sera Eldwyn of Summoner Wars.

In 2014 Jerry offered fifty bucks to someone who would do a Plaid Hat cosplay, and several people took him up on his offer. 

Last year we announed our first official Plaid Hat Games GenCon Cosplay Contest for either Mice and Mystics or Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn character during the week of GenCon, and even opened it up to folks who weren't able to make it by submitting photos and having polls for folks to toss in their votes. 

Here are those winners for Mice and Mystics and Ashes respectively!


This year, it is all about Ashes!

This will be an at-the-show event, so we will not be doing home sent submissions and online voting. Here's the low-down:

-Show up in costume at our booth during GenCon (August 4th-7th).

-All Ashes characters announced and released are eligible.  

-$200 Cash Prize AND $200 in Plaid Hat Credit for the winner.

-Winner will be chosen by staff and our GenCon volunteers not participating in the CosPlay contest. 

-Winner will be announced on our website the week after GenCon. 



Here are some friendly links to get you thinking, and be watching for Victoria and Leo previews to start in the coming weeks!