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SW Preview: Band Together

The final second summoner preview!


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Welcome everyone, to the last preview for Farrah and the last preview of the final 8 Second Summoners! It’s been fun previewing all of these cards, and its very exciting to know they’ll be ready for all of you in just a couple weeks!

So far we’ve seen how Farrah uses the power of persuasion and information to outwit her enemies.  The cards remaining for her aren’t so stealthy. Well, except this one which has a lot of very interesting uses.  The Runesmith is a spy for Farrah within the ranks of the Guild Dwarves and, if you’re a fan of the SummoNerds Channel, you’ve already seen these guys in [very limited] action!

Rune Smith

I’m always a fan of 2R/1 for 2 Units, and the Runesmith does 3 different excellent things for Farrah. First, they allow you to recycle your Undercover Agent and Disguise Events, whether they’re under the Runesmiths (easiest way) or an adjacent units (pro use). That’s the most straight-forward thing they do, but the second thing is they allow you to recycle Changelings. Changelings get a cost discount by using their ability to change into a Runesmith, and then when its eventually killed, that Changeling will bounce back to your hand to summon again, and deny your opponent a magic! Slick! And the third thing is that Runesmiths can help a bit with Farrah’s hand clog. She starts with 1 on the board and, if you draw Disguise early without any use for it, its nice to dump it under the starting Runesmith to free up your draw a bit, knowing you can always recycle it.

And don’t forget about Bolvi and Hogar! Bolvi can station a Runesmith behind his stationary Towers to recycle his very powerful Upgrade cards, which is a great benefit in and of itself. But they really shine in Hogar, being able to recycle his excellent Runes and also use those runes themselves!

The remaining 3 cards sure up holes in Farrah’s ranks. This guy, for instance is a very solid choke-point holder:

Khan Carne

The former ruler of the Dugalla looks very similar to his overthrower in stats. His BETRAY ability shows that he doesn’t always like to play nice with the band of misfits that Farrah has assembled. It will give him some additional survivability at the expense of some rabble, and can allow him to hold important positioning. 

And speaking of that band of misfits, even though Khan Carne might not always want to play nice, Farrah has learned how to coordinate these varied troops to get the most out of them. 

Band Together

This Event, which Farrah has 3 of, is how she can deal with big enemy Units. A lot of the time you can get caught up in the stealth of Farrah’s deck and find that you need some punch. This Event gives you that bit of punch you need.  It requires you to vary the Faction Symbols on your Units, but that shouldn’t be too hard for Farrah to pull off. This Event also makes Undercover Agents and Invaders (or pro tip – Disguised, Undercover Ice Golems!) that much more dangerous. With those guys around, Champs and Summoners can get surrounded out of nowhere.

I’ve saved what I think is one of Farrah’s most interesting cards for last.  Let’s see if you agree:


The Ornitharian Lukestor is a situational champion, but he can be a very strong one when summoned in the right situation.  First of all, the combination of range and flight is already solid.  Most Units that can move through other cards can only attack adjacent Units, so Lukestor already has an advantage there.  Now though, add in that melee commons just straight-up can’t attack him. Remember that Lukestor doesn’t have a Faction Symbol, so he can be deckbuilt anywhere. He’d certainly be a solid counterdraft against a Mountain Vargath deck, for instance. And against anyone, if you can focus on eliminating the ranged threats, Lukestor can rule the battlefield from the sky.

Welp, I hope everyone has enjoyed reading these previews as much as I have enjoyed writing and talking about them! Now you’ve seen all the cards for the remaining 8 Second Summoners. Origins is just a few weeks away – let’s get ready!

Eight Summoner Wars Second Summoner decks are now up for pre-order in the store! You can buy them all separately, OR for a limited time, if you pre-order all eight together, get them for $59.95, $20 off the MSRP! Pre-order today!

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