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SW Preview: Meda's Toys

Dress them up and have some fun.


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Back with more Filthy goodness!

Last time basically the entire preview was all about Little Meda, as she really is the defining dynamic of the deck. This week though, we’ll start to take a look at what Meda gets to play with when she’s on the battlefield. And this unit here is more than happy to be a toy for Little Meda… it doesn’t really seem like there’s anything else the Deathseeker wants to do in life.


As you can see, for the Deathseeker, it's Mutation or death! And I don’t really think they care which one comes first for them. These truly demented Filth underlings, if left un-mutated, will sacrifice themselves so easily, or charge so suicidally that enemy Units will just stop and kill them. Yeah – it stinks that the opponent picks up a magic here, but when you’re in a pinch (maybe when you want to separate Little Meda from Nanny and don’t have Daddy, I’m Scared as back-up?), these guys will block opponent’s movement, which can be used to your advantage.

When we got Common Units in Demagogue’s base deck, what we saw were 0-cost Units with small drawback abilities. We really didn’t want to just double-up on that, but also didn’t want to make those units obsolete. So, what we’ve ended up with are a couple of Commons with bigger drawbacks, but also some positives as we see in the Deathseeker. The same can be said of the other new Filth common, the Herald:


This dude wants everyone to know why the Filth rule – he doesn’t stop talking about it.  Even when trying to kill something, oftentimes they get caught up in their INFERNAL PREACHING and forget to actually strike.  Sometimes though, either the preaching somehow strengthens them or their opponent gets so annoyed and distracted that they land a big blow.  If you’re into deckbuilding, these guys should be extra fun with the Incanter Mutant, tossing 4 dice from a 0-cost Unit.

But now for the real toys.  Little Meda likes playing dress-up with her Deathseeker and Herald friends, and she packs a bunch of different outfits for them! One of which is the Leech Mutant:

Leech Mutant

The Leech Mutant is kind of the little cousin of the Absorption Mutant, but I think I like this guy more.  It’s nice to get another Mutant in at 1 cost, especially when Leechy can get that Magic you spent back for you! On top of that, if a Mutant is destroyed and in the opponent’s Discard Pile, the Leech can suck it right back to your Magic Pile, just waiting for Little Meda to get some GIFTS FROM DADDY and come back to play again!

Bloodspray Mutant

This thing is truly repulsive, but to poor Little Meda its nothing more than a big squirt gun!  Squirty is quite tanky at 4 life for just 2 magic, and sports a ranged attack which Filth Mutants have in short supply. And anyone that’s dealt with Controllers before will know the power of REVOLTING SPRAY. Again, this is one of these abilities that’s tough to count on due to having to get a wound on 1 die, but it can often setup some brutal combos or clear out a key blocker for Little Meda to stare through the gap. Plus, its more economical than some of the previous “I need to count on 1 die hitting” cards.

Gas-filled Mutant

Ahhh, the Gas-Filled Mutant, Little Meda’s little firecracker. At first glance, this guy looks very lackluster. I mean, why would I ever want to pay 3 magic to summon a 1/1 melee Mutant that my opponent is going to get 2 magic to kill? Well the answer is that you would never want to do that. But, what you would want to do quite a bit of the time is summon this guy on top of a wounded Mutant that’s next to a bunch of enemy Units. You see, what Meda finds really funny is when a bunch of bad guys gang up on one her toys. When that happens, she blows it up like a balloon until it explodes, blasting everything around it. Such fun for a little girl!

But in order to pull that off, you need to have Gassy hanging around at the right time, right? Well, Little Meda can get a bit demanding of Daddy, which can help out in that regard…

I Want a New Toy!

Sometimes Little Meda gets bored with the toys she’s playing with, and wants a new one.  This gives her a taste of the Demagogue’s power, with the added benefit of being able to summon the Mutant she grabs immediately. Great for going to get Gassy to blow up a group that’s ganging up on Squirty or another high-life Mutant, or more generally, just to grab whatever Mutant you need for the task at hand. This Event truly gives Little Meda the ability to get any Mutant she needs, since her ability already lets her look through Magic and Discard piles before summoning!

Well, that’s enough Filth for this week. Next time we’ll finish off looking at Little Meda’s deck by seeing her 5 remaining Mutant toys, all of which are extremely scary for Filth opponents, but nothing more than pretty dolls to the young Filth Summoner. See you later today for more Shiva, and next week with more Brath and Farrah!

Eight Summoner Wars Second Summoner decks are now up for pre-order in the store! You can buy them all separately, OR for a limited time, if you pre-order all eight together, get them for $59.95, $20 off the MSRP! Pre-order today!

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