Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

Battle Report: For the Puppies!

For ice and for puppies.

An epic battle was waged last night between my heroic Tundra Orcs and the evil Phoenix Elves.

Those nasty puppy-killing Elves went first. My opponent thrust forward in an obvious sign of unprovoked aggression. Since he appeared to be committing to a fast offensive front, I utilized one of the unique Events available to my Orcs -- Ice Walls. On my first turn, I deployed two ice walls, and pulled my front line troops back a bit.

Ice Wall

This may seem like a cowardly maneuver, but I had a plan. I hoped that he would continue to press into my territory, since my Summoner was able to turn my walls into a whirling cuisinart of icy death.


Wary of my withdrawal, my opponent held his ground instead of advancing, and in the next couple of rounds began to draw me out of my defensive position by focusing archers on my ice walls.

Phoenix Elf Archer

Well I couldn't just sit back and let my walls die, so I had been massing forces for a charge into the heart of the wicked Elven empire. When the assault began, my opponent had the advantage with his longer range. But I had numbers. My forces swarmed forward, ready to dine on Elf-burgers after the battle. The body count was high in the ensuing rounds, with more of my forces falling than his. I cringed, knowing that every noble Orc corpse provided him the magic to bring forth more Elven filth.

By this point, I'd deployed a couple more walls, nearly cutting the battlefield in half. The only clear path through my line of walls was in the center, where my Orcs continued to spray a jet of vengeance.

My opponent had been keeping pace but slowly losing ground by not bringing out as many troops as he could, which worried me. What was he planning with that stockpile of magic? For my part, I'd committed to a swarm offense, and I still felt it was better to press forward with this strategy. My only alternative was to stem the flow of my forces in order to build up the magic needed for a larger unit. But my enemy had the advantage of a significantly higher supply of magic at this point, so I felt this was a losing alternative. Onward then, with the swarm.

Then it happened. A brief veil of silence fell across the battlefield as magical forces swirled and siphoned into the hands of the Elven Summoner, Prince Elien. A brief moment later, the landscape of the battlefield had changed -- Maelena had arrived.


My forces were rattled, but knowing that something big was coming, I'd prepared a nasty surprise for my enemy. With a confident flair, I encased her in an icy prison.


This took my enemy by surprise, but he was able to muster enough magic to cast aside the freeze, and marched Maelena forward to smite another of my Orcs. I wasn't done yet. I had another Freeze that I dumped upon her, swarming my units around her to deal some hefty damage. Again though, she was able to escape the icy tomb, and sallied forth into my territory, casting aside my troops like ragdolls. The enemy Summoner, Prince Elien followed in her wake.

Maelena was able to corner my Summoner, dealing a crushing blow to him in the process. Things looked bad for me. To make matters worse, my draw deck was exhausted. If I was to be victorious, it would have to be with the remaining troops I had. Thankfully, a few moments later, Maelena was eliminated by a counterstrike from Grognack, but not before she had done extensive damage to Orcish forces.

My summoner, Grognack, had 3 life points remaining.

Prince Elien advanced upon him and performed a Fire Blast, to bring him down to a single point.

Prince Elien

An Elven Warrior next to my Summoner attempted to land the killing blow, but failed. This gave me one last shot...

Fortunately, in order to cast his Fire Blast, Prince Elien had foolishly advanced within striking distance of my Summoner, the noble Grognack.

Grognack lunged forward, with the fury of a thousand Orcs. Four dice were rolled, and four hits were achieved. As Grognack's weapon came crushing down upon the head of vile Prince Elien, all enemy forces dissolved...

... the battle had ended. Grognack drew his remaining energy to stand above the body of the evil Prince, and spit upon his corpse. Many had died that day, but Grognack knew his brave soldiers did not die in vain. The world was safe for now ... especially for the puppies.