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CONTEST: Design a Tail Feathers Pilot!

Win a copy of Tail Feathers, and get your pilot published!

Tail Feathers(The discussion thread for this contest can be found in our forums.)

Tail Feathers' release is getting closer! We've had a ton of preview articles already. You can (and should!) pre-order Tail Feathers today for $15 off the retail price and a free promo Mice & Mystics chapter compatible with Downwood Tales.

We've had so much fun sharing some of the pilot and bird units in our preview articles, we want to inspire your imagination too as you prepare to play Tail Feathers. So we are asking you to come up with an idea for a Tail Feathers pilot unit--and one posted idea will get made into an actual Tail Feathers pilot unit published on the web! Plus, win a copy of the game! All you have to do is comment below.

You'll post your idea for a Tail Feathers unit on this news item. Start by reviewing all our preview articles to make sure you understand the game and its pilot units. Then check out the full details below before entering.

Deadline for entering: September 22, 2015
Grand Prize: YOUR idea for a Tail Feathers pilot will have art commissioned and the card will be published online, compatible with the Tail Feathers base game along with a suggested Pilot mini. PLUS one copy of Tail Feathers shipped anywhere in the world!
2 Runner Up Prizes: $55 coupon code. Enough to pre-order Tail Feathers! (Code does not cover shipping costs.)
How to Win: The PHG team will select 1 winner for commissioning art and web-publishing of the card. Jerry will select 1 runner-up, and the other runner-up will be selected at random.
Entry: Simply reply below as instructed.
Limit: 1 entry per person. (If you reply multiple times, only your first comment will be considered. Note that if you refresh the page after commenting you may accidentally re-submit the same comment. This will not disqualify you; as noted, only your first comment will count.)

You must either be 18 or older or have a legal guardian's permission to enter.

Instructions for Entry: Check out our Tail Feathers game page, especially our preview articles that show the game basics and the pilot units! Here's an example pilot card:


Post your pilot in the comments below with the following format:

Name (Downwood Militia/Vermin Raiders)
Ability Name: Ability Text
Any stats you want to specify go here

You are welcome to post the Pilot's stats, such as melee battle value, range battle value, pilot value, proficiencies, bonus life value, and build point value. However, these are not required, and if you win, these may be adjusted for the web publication of your pilot. We recommend posting the stats that are foundational to the design concept of your pilot. Ability text may also change for rules/balance reasons.

Jerry also encourages you to post a sentence or two givng background about your hero (or villian), if you can (not required for entry).

Here's an example entry I just made up:

Stimme (Vermin Raiders)
Heedless: Whenever Stimme would need to make a pilot check, you may add 1 wound to this unit to automatically pass that pilot check.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/3/1/+3

By entering this contest, you grant Plaid Hat Games ownership of any text or unit idea you produce for the contest. Plaid Hat Games employees and their immediate families are not eligible but can still post an entry for fun.

Enter below! And pre-order Tail Feathers on the store today to get $15 off the retail price and a free Mice and Mystics Lost Chapter!

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