Today, Colby announced that the Summoner Wars forums will be relocated into the a new Plaid Hat Games forum. This change will come with the upcoming website redesign. The rationale behind this move is to have a community for all of Plaid Hat's board games. Note, this isn't downgrading Summoner Wars forum in any way, it is just moving things around with a long-term vision in mind.

Colby's words: "These forums are going to be turned into the Plaid Hat Games Forums rather than Summoner Wars specific forums. On the new website it will be accessible from the home page of the site. I think this will help to grow the community here and give all of our games a home for its fans.

"Of course as a result I had to streamline the categories. No posts have been deleted, just moved around.

"We are working on a bunch of games so it's best we make this move now."