Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

They're here! Frick, Bolvi, Maldaria and Torgan!

Pointing out things both obvious and subtle

Yesterday my Second Summoner decks arrived in the mail!  It's exciting to see them in the flesh, so I had them line up for a group portrait:

Second Summoner boxes portrait

The most obvious thing about the boxes is the difference in their width.  (Please forgive this poor shot: my camera died on me so I can't take a better one until I scrounge up another camera.)

Second Summoner boxes width

This obviouisly is because of the extra cards.  Frick's Cave Goblins deck is the normal size, and Bolvi's Guild Dwarves deck has only one extra card with rules for Upgrade Event cards, so it is also the same size.  But Queen Maldaria's Phoenix Elves deck has seven new cards: 6 Phoenixes and a Conjurations Rules card to explain how they work, so it noticeably thicker.  But Torgan's Tundra Orcs deck is about 50% thicker than normal, because it has 15 Minor Ice Wall cards and a rules card to explain about them. 

The first thing I did after opening the decks was to carefully compare each one to its preview image, and I'm happy to say that they are nearly all exactly as previewed, and that of the 3 differences I found, 2 are trivial and the other one is an obvious clarifcation.  Here they are:

1. The Oaf card incorrectly capitalized the word "Card", and that has been corrected:

Oaf error

2. The PE Event Release the Hounds said "Search your hand or Draw Pile for up to 3 cards named Firebeast or Fireling", while the actual name is "Fire Beast" (two words), and that was corrected:

Release the Hounds error

3. The TO Event Glacial Shift said "Choose 3 Ice Walls that you control".  The phrase "up to" was added, so now it says "Choose up to 3 Ice Walls", which clarifies the intent and avoids the need for a FAQ entry stating that no, it's not limited to use on exactly 3 cards:

Glacial Shift change

I'm pleased that by the time of the previews, not only was it tested but practically all the editorial errors were removed.  News reporting tends to thrive on the controversial, but this reporter is happy not to have any juicy gaffs to talk about.