Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

Torgan's Walls

The first report from the scouts sent after Torgan.


We have managed to spy on the new Tundra Orc Summoner in action, and what we saw was important enough that we are writing now before we have any solid intelligence about the forces following him. 

The new Summoner Torgan looks rather young, though we cannot be sure about the relative ages of Orcs.  But young or old, Torgan has figured out how to do some alarming things with his Summoning Stone.  Torgan has taken Grognack's ability to raise up Ice Walls and developed it to a whole new level.  To begin with, we have seen Torgan raise many more Ice Walls than Grognack ever has.  

Torgan, Summoner of the Tundra Orcs

We have carefully observed his use of these walls, and we can verify that they also can be used for summoning, just as Grognack's Ice Walls can.  There are two weaknesses in them that we can see.  First, they are weaker and even easier to destroy than Grognack's Ice Walls.  We do not know whether this means that destroying them builds up a Summoner's magic reserve, as with Grognack's Ice Walls, or not, as with Mugglug's Vine Walls. 

Minor Ice Wall

Minor Ice Wall Rules Card

The second weakness is that Torgan can apparently only raise them adjacent to himself, while Grognack can raise them anywhere in his battlefield.  

Glacial Surge, a Torgan Event card

But this latter weakness is more than offset by Torgan's most frightening ability: he can move his Ice Walls after they are placed!  

Glacial Shift, a Torgan Event card

We have seen him practice using them with his troops, and it worries us greatly.  He can position the walls in prime spots for summoning, or use them to protect his troops or isolate his enemies.  Perhaps worst of all, he can run through troops with them!  Often this damages those in their way -- he laughs at his own men who are not fast enough to dodge.  But even without damage, the ability to move his walls through enemy lines is sobering.  

It is fortunate that these new walls look easy to destroy.  But we cannot count on destroying them quickly enough, so we need to adjust our tactics to this new reality.