Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

Faction Highlight: Fallen Kingdom

Death to all.

Would you like to become the supreme commander of a huge army that controls all of Itharia? It's time to live the dream, and take lead of the infamous Fallen Kingdom! With hordes of animated corpses, who could stand in your way?

The Fallen Kingdom is a tricky and subtle Faction to lead. You might be tempted to rush ahead with your undead troops, but brainless zombies aren't as immortal as you'd think.

Skeletal Archer

Early on, the Skeletal Archer provide cheap ranged firepower, and deny your opponent some of the precious early magic he might need to get his troops running.

Zombie Warrior

Zombie Warriors are one of the main forces the Fallen Kingdom should rely on. However, they are opportunist killers: make sure to summon them near vulnerable targets so they can use their powers, Infect, before your opponent can even react! Even with their low Attack Values, free Zombie Warriors give you a much better board control! Make sure to build into magic the first couple Zombie Warriors you draw, so you will have some in the Discard Pile for Infect to work!


Reapers are opportunist killers like their brethren Zombie Warriors. They are also great Champion blockers, with their 3 Life Points. Use the Reapers carefully: if a boosted Reaper dies, your opponent will get a lot of magic. It might be a good idea to kill the juicy Reapers yourself once they are done reaping souls!

What is it you say? Zombie Warriors and Reapers are expensive? That is underestimating the awesomenes of the Lord that rules them all: Ret-Talus the almighty.


If the units you draw aren't to your taste, you can always build them as magic, and use Raise the Dead to get them back later! Because of this ability, the Fallen Kingdom excel during long games, and have resources left when other factions don't. You can also push this strategy to the limit with Legions of the Dead!

Legions of the Dead

The Fallen Kingdom have great Common Units, but their Champions are nothing to sneeze at either.


Skhull the zombie-horse is the perfect tool to face swarms of minions or powerful Commons, as Fear can make your opponent think twice about sending his troops near him.

Usually, Champions require a lot of magic to be summoned, but Ret-Talus has another tool up his sleeve:

Forced Summon

In exchange for a couple of Life Points, Ret-Talus can summon his big servants at a crazy low cost. Make sure Ret-Talus is well protected though, as he will be much more vulnerable afterwards. Forced Summon can also be used after you placed a fresh Wall, so it might give you a good opportunity for a surprise attack with one of your Champions!


Dragos might look weak on the surface, but this vampire servant is the best bodyguard Ret-Talus could ask for. Even champions can't make him bite the dust easily. Also note how his Summoning Cost is reduced to 0 when summoned with Forced Summon: talk about a beautiful surprise if you had no magic left!

With so many wonderful tools for destruction, how can one not chose the Fallen Kingdom when aiming for world domination? The Fallen Kingdom take their time, but they obviously always outlive their opponents, being undeads and all!