Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

Getting Freaky with the Filth

The Demagogue stars in this week's Friday Faction Highlight

Happy Friday everyone!  The Filth is one of the most interesting factions for me.  They have a completely unique card economy that you really have to understand before you can even think about winning with them.  This is where we will actually spend the bulk of the article today. 


Most factions follow a fairly simple card economy: build magic, summon champions.  That’s a little bit of an oversimplification depending on which faction you are playing, but for the purpose of illustration, it will do.  The Filth requires you to track what you build for magic, what you have spent for magic, and what you need to have a successful turn.  Oh, and did I mention you have to plan for the next turn?  For the Filth, you actually have to think about what you want to have in your hand to summon!

So, what’s this actually look like?  First, you need to use the Demagogue’s ability to start getting mutations into your magic pile.  Early game, before you’re really in contact, you’re basically going to be summoning mutations to build them for magic.  Remember, unlike any other faction except for the Fallen, it’s not gone if it’s built.  Repeat with me, it’s not gone if it’s built.  What does that mean?  It means you can get mutations back with the Demagogue’s ability, so you should build them exclusively.

So here’s weird rule number 1 for the Filth: Thou Shalt Not Build Cultists or Zealots [except in dire circumstances].  They are the cornerstone for the entire deck!  If you run out of them, with one exception, you can’t summon mutations any more.  See, with the Filth, your Demagogue will get you the mutations you need, so you don’t need to cycle the deck.  Since you’re building mutations, you won’t need to build the other guys, you’ll have plenty of magic to spend.

Weird rule number 2 for the Filth is simple: Thou Shalt Not Forget to Use the Demagogue’s Ability.  You should be using this every turn you’re not in combat.  You must have mutations.

Weird rule number 3: Thou Shalt Not Let Your Enemy Kill Mutations, Thou Shalt Kill Them Yourself.  When an opponent kills one of your mutated commons, he does massive damage to you.  Not only do you lose a unit, he gets two magic.  That’s bad enough.  Worse, he permanently removes a mutant from your economy, leaving you with one less magic and one less option.  I use a trick where I summon a weaker mutation onto a higher toughness mutant to kill that mutant, get his magic and more important his mutation back where it belongs: MY magic pile.  You’ll do this a lot if you’re going to win with the Filth, trust me.

Commons and Mutations

I won’t spend any time on the basic commons, they’re pretty much around to hit with your mutations.  So let’s talk mutations.

Bestial mutant

The bestial mutant is unbelievably good.  He’s cheap, he’s fast, and best of all, he’s a surprise summon.  I use him all the time to pull off surprise attacks on summoners.  To really get the most of him, you have to remember you can switch mutations by paying the difference in cost.  Make sure you make him count, because this is one you will probably lose after he makes an attack.

Claw Mutant

Claw mutant is your champion hunter.  I have personally pulled down the mighty Gror with him.  It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  YOU MUST NOT LOSE THIS MUTATION.  This is by far your best way to deal with enemy champions.  If he goes down, you’re going to have a much harder time.

Corpulent Mutant

Corpulent mutant is a special combo mutant.  You can swap this mutation out for free with 4 or less cost mutations, so this one is a great way to protect your claw mutant or bestial mutant if he survives.  This mutation is valuable for protecting other mutations.  It also is a great way to storm in closer to an opponent before swapping out for a more powerful mutation.

Edible Mutant

Edible mutant is great.  It’s another protection class mutant.  Now, in addition to the swap ability, he’s got a healing power.  It’s pretty handy, but most of the time I use it to get a more valuable mutation back to safety in my hand.

Horror Mutant

The horror mutant is a nasty, nasty mutation.  3 attack is fantastic, and the ability to prevent any UNIT (that means all of them, summoner, champion, and common) from attack when they move next to it is amazing.  This one is actually ideal when you summon it on the defense and keep it next to your summoner.  Voila!  No attacks allowed, and with that 3 attack punch, it’s pretty scary.  And for only 3 magic!

Spew Mutant

Spew mutant is a nice middling attack mutation.  It has the potential to do 3 damage, but a two ranged for 3 magic is also nice.  What’s not to like?  It’s solid.  Plus, it can be used to swap out for free with the horror mutant to keep it protected.

Tentacle Mutant

Now, the tentacle mutant is a great way to reach out and touch someone.  It’s really weak, so again, the ideal use is similar to the bestial movement, pop the summoner, and if it lives, swap it out with another mutation, if not, the loss of this mutation isn’t the end of the world.

Winged Mutant

Last but not least, the winged mutant is a wonderful card.  Again, a great ambush card like the bestial mutant, but that three attack can be quite hazardous to a champion’s health.  Really try not to lose this guy, but it’s worth taking that chance if you can get a 3 attack on their summoner.


Abominable Snowman

The Abomination is next best thing to useless.  I’ve never summoned him in a single game, I’d rather spend my magic on mutations.  Still, if you happen to have the spare magic, there’s no harm in summoning him.  I don’t really dig the random attack thing, yes, I know the statistical average, but I usually roll well under the statistical average.  I’m much more excited about the new champions in the soon-to-come reinforcements.


The Filth are the ultimate toolbox deck, which makes them one of my favorites.  Their unique economy does make them challenging to play.  Every game I’ve played with them I’ve felt like I’m losing and barely hanging on right up until the point where I won.  They do have difficulty against certain factions or abilities, and have some significant weaknesses, but they’re so cool, it’s totally worth it.  I must share my favorite Filth story.  I was playing my wife, and she summoned a guardsman up front and started marching it towards my summoner.  Those guys are tough to pull down by any standards, but I had a wonderful little event in my hand, the delicious Heretic’s Rebuke.  I couldn’t help it, I started cackling maniacally.  When my turn rolled around, I mutated that stupid guardsman and sent a newly summoned mutation charging back towards her summoner!  So, until next time, go forth, and mutate!