I'm leaving soon on the long drive to GenCon, so I'll need to be brief.  

The voting yesterday was the closest horse race yet, but the gradual winner was the Void Mutant: 

Void Mutant, Mutation of the Filth

These Reinforcement Mutations keep coming out with wonderful new abilities.  Here we have a traveling transporter!  Unmutated Filth Commons can move through Void, but if they stop on it, they can appear next to any Wall -- friendly or enemy!  Or you could destroy it if you wish, which I don't think would be very often.  Remember that Mutations and Champions cannot use the Void, but multiple unmutated Commons can use it as long as they go to different spaces.  


Second place in the polls is the final Swamp Orc Champion, Glurp:

Glurp, Champion of the Swamp Orcs

He is much scarier than he sounds.  In fact, with an Attack Value of 4 and 6 Life Points, he is so scary that his ability is negative: while he's on the battlefield it costs a Magic Point each time you play an Event card.  One nice thing about this negative ability is that he is cheaper to summon than he normally might be.  


Until tomorrow!  (One more day of voting!)