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A Closer Look at Meziah

The Sharpie



Meziah is pretty much the leader of our crew. He was born on the day of the great Calamity, when the humans vanished and everything changed. That frightful day is etched onto the memories of so many of our colony elders, they see Meziah as a symbol of our will to survive. 


He barely survived being born. I was there and watched it with my own eyes, and all I can guess is that willpower alone carried him through. He really has grown into a fine young lad. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in other ways. He easily has the best eyesight in the colony! He can read the nutritional information off a soda can from a block away. Oh, and he’s a sneaky fellow. Forget about playing hide-and-seek with this one.


Meziah has a +2 in agility (green). Since agility is linked to precision with ranged attacks, he is very good at attacking from a distance. He’s also pretty nimble and can easily overcome agility challenges, leaping over treacherous gaps in terrain with speed and grace. Meziah starts our adventure with a toothpick crossbow that cuts down enemies at a long range and yields a scrap with every enemy defeated.

Meziah’s senses are heightened thanks to his +1 in instincts (yellow). This means he can find things easier, and is pretty good at talking to strangers and figuring out puzzles. 


Sharpies are critters that exhibit heightened senses, whether it be extremely acute vision, hearing, or smell. They make great scouts and marksmen, but they are also adept at planning and tactics. So yeah, Meziah is a total Sharpie. He starts with the Team Focus ability, which allows him to lean on his teammates to overcome skill tests. Since virtually everything is a skill test, this makes Meziah uniquely versatile. 


Meziah is quiet and contemplative. He chooses his words wisely, and asks a lot of questions before offering an opinion. Our leader is a natural peacekeeper, and that’s reflected in his campaign goals. Meziah needs to achieve at least two alliances with other critters or factions, and complete mission number eleven. (Which will be discovered by players during gameplay.)

This is the fourth and final part of a series which takes a closer look into the starting characters for Aftermath. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about each of the unique characters! If you missed the first three character previews, you can find them right here. Aftermath will hit store shelves Friday, November 22nd!

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