Forgotten Waters App Updates

This page lists the latest Forgotten Waters app update. Come here to check if your app is running with the latest updates.

Forgotten Waters App ( Current Update:
Version: 1.6.1 (see bottom of main menu to check)
Release: August 19, 2020
Details: Nature's Splendor moved to last scenario in list for being hardest difficulty. A couple numbers pulled down in the scenario.

Previous Update: 1.4.1, May 19: Dead or Alive Voiceover Audio Added.
Previous update: 1.3, May 5: Nature's Splendor Voiceover Audio Added

Previous update:, April 23: Error correction on Witch's Heart, entry 494.
Previous update: 1.2.1, April 22: Error correction on Beyond the Ocean's Edge entry 793.

Previous Update: 1.2, April 21 - Witch's Heart audio

If you go to the app and it has the version and date listed above on the main menu (message near the top, version number at the very bottom), then you are good to go.

If you go to the app and see an older version, then after a few moments, it should alert you, letting you know a new version has been downloaded. Close out all instances of the app - being sure to close out the browser/app completely if on a mobile device - and then reopen.

If you are seeing an older update message and version number, and can't seem to get an alert of the new version, consider the following:

In order to ensure offline availability of the app, the app has a heavy cache-first strategy - if you've been there before, it always loads everything from the cache first. Then, in the background while you use the app, it updates itself. When the update is done, it alerts you. This is great for fast-loading and offline use but can be a pain when trying to get updates. 

I can't seem to get the update!

First, it's possible your browser updated the app without alerting you - try closing out all instances of the app - all windows and tabs containing the app. On mobile, be sure to either close the tab, close running browser apps, and/or close the app if installed on your home screen - don't just return to the home screen, but close the app. Then reopen. 

If you still have no luck, you can try the following to force an update. If your setup is not listed below, your instructions will be somewhat similar, but specific to your OS and browser.

For Desktop browsers, see these instructions.

For Chrome instructions on mobile, go here.

In iOS Safari, there is no way to clear just the site cache or just data and cache related to your site. You can force a reload by clearing all history and website data from your device. We do NOT recommend this. Instead, we recommend trying again in an hour or so. However, if you want to do it, instructions are here.