PHG Event: Wednesday Night Ashes @ DMG

When: 6:00 pm, Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Eastern Standard Time

Dark Mountain Games
27 Main St
Springfield, VT 05156

Come join the local Ashes community, whether you are new to LCGs or a long time player you are welcome. We have all the stuff needed to play so just show up and dive in!

"Similarly to other competitive card games, the objective is to reduce the health of your opponentā??s Phoenixborn to zero. You do this by attacking with summoned characters, casting spells, and triggering effects. Not too foreign of an idea, right? Players get to choose from six unique Phoenixborn in the base set, seven if you get the Dimona Odinstar promo character, and a total of nine if you pick up the first set of expansions. Each Phoenixborn has a different starting health value, a unique ability, special character cards that may be included in their deck, and a few other stats including their Battlefield and Spellboard limits.
One of the most unique aspects of Ashes is its resource system, which cleverly uses dice to pay for nearly all of your cards and actions throughout the game. There are four different types of dice; blue Natural Magic dice represented by a frog, pink Charm Magic dice represented by a snake, purple Illusion Magic dice represented by a wolf, and the black Ceremonial Magic dice represented by the goat. Each player rolls their own set of dice at the beginning of each round, and uses the results of that roll to pay for cards and various effects until they both choose to pass."

- Geek & Sundry

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