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When: 6:00 pm, Thursday, March 31, 2016
Eastern Standard Time

Parker Banner Kent and Wayne
21500 Catawba Ave Suite A
Cornelius NC 28031

Come enjoy a fun evening demoing games from Plaid Hat! We will be showcasing the cooperative dungeon crawler game Mice & Mystics. Be ready for a fun filled evening as we scurry through castle sewers and across counter tops to save the mice! Will we succeed in avoiding greedy roaches, evil rat warriors...and even the dreaded cat Brodie?! Grab your button shield and needle sword and come find out!

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Number of Attendees: 3

Summary of Results:
This event went very well. I had three other players come in very quickly after setup and we played the first scenario. Poor luck with the dice hurt us at the beginning of the game insomuch that we didn't quite make it out of the tunnels but we got really close. Everyone had a really fun time. I also found out that a couple who played last week liked it so much that they bought a copy.

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