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When: 6:00 pm, Wednesday, March 30, 2016
Eastern Standard Time

Tinker & Smithy
18 Creek Road, Unit 1
Middlebury, Vermont 05753

We are playing an ongoing campaign of the game Mice & Mystics, Sorrow & Rememberance. All are welcome at the gaming table, although preference will be given to regular players in choice of mouse! See you at the table!

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Number of Attendees: 3

Summary of Results:
Victory in Barksburg Fields! After defeating Brodie and obtaining his broken claw last session, our mouse heroes found themselves surrounded by roaches in the kitchen as they strove to craft the Catsclaw Horn and scurry to the courtyard. After an early setback with the capture of Lilly, our mice let nothing prevent their move towards the courtyard, horn in hand.

However, just as the courtyard came into sight, treachery! "They know we're here!" exclaimed Collin as the mice stepped into the sunlight of the courtyard from the tunnels within the castle walls.

"Obviously," Filch would have said had he been there (Megan, Filch's redoubtable player, was absent this session). Indeed, 6 rats and 8 roaches surrounded the mice. Things looked very grim indeed!

Only through excellent use of the Horn and Nez's set trap ability, and some fantastic rolling, were the heroes able to pull victory from adversity, and both defeat their foes and the Crow (with Brodie's help) alike. Next Session: Chapter 7!

Approval Status of Results: approved credit awarded: Coupon awarded: 10

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