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When: 12:00 pm, Saturday, March 26, 2016
Central Standard Time

Common Ground Games
1328 Inwood Rd
Dallas, Tx 75247

It's time to check out Plaid Hat's new game Tail Feathers, designed by Jerry Hawthorne and set in the Mice and Mystics universe. I will be at Common Ground Games from Noon to 4PM on 03/26/2016 to show off this great game. Join me for a battle of air and ground supremacy as players must manage birds, pilots, and ground troops in an effort to destroy their opponent's nest. I will also have a full line of Plaid Hat products with me, so sit down for Ashes, Dead of Winter, or Specter Ops. Hope to see you there!

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Number of Attendees: 8

Summary of Results:
This demo went great. Common Ground is a fantastic store that does a good job of promoting and has a lot of play space. Jeff and his daughter were my first participants. They opted to team up against me and really enjoyed the game. It was the first aerial battle game that either had played and it led them to begin looking for a copy of the original Mice and Mystics since it is cooperative. Next was Steven who is a Magic player. I tried to discuss Ashes with him, but was met with the usual hostility so we stuck to Tail Feathers. He seemed to enjoy the game. Finally, Ryan and Bryan played, they randomly walked about about 20 minutes before I packed up, so the demo ran about an hour longer than originally planned, but they showed great interest in the game. Ryan is new to the area, so i told him about some ways to find events and he said that he may pick up TF. Additionally some random other players walked up and I explained the game, we talked about minis, and the DoW expansion. That will probably be my next round of demos besides Ashes tournaments.

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