PHG Event: Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn - The War Within Event - Protection vs Conquest. Coal vs Dimona

When: 2:00 pm, Saturday, July 22, 2017
Central African Time

Shop No 5, Claredowne Commercial Centre
Voortrekker Road
Riebeeck West

This will be the 3rd Tournament for The War Within Event Series:

Protection vs Conquest. Coal vs Dimona

Dark or light? Every Phoenixborn struggles with this challenge. Do you resist the prophecy or do you give in to the darkness and hunt your fellow Phoenixborn? One Phoenixborn is still undecided.

Draft a deck from the store cards for the fray and throw your support for one side or the other to get the promo from the side you fight for just for showing up!

The winner gets an alt art Phoenixborn from the side they choose as well and pushes fate even further towards light or dark with their victory. Your choice will help decide the fate of one upcoming Phoenixborn!

We will limit this to only 8 Players.

We will be using to manage the event for scoring and seeding, you can signup here:

Challonge Signup

The overall winning player will receive either one Coal Roarkwin or one Dimona Odinstar alternate art card (player's choice).

The other alternate art card will be awarded to one player as a Fellowship Prize, based on player ballot.

All players will also receive one alternate art Rose Fire Dancer card as a participation prize.

Players who take part in all three Ashes: The War Within events will receive one alternate art Noah Redmoon card (to be awarded at the end of the third event).

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