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Thread: Think you know Summoner Wars? Quiz time!

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    Default Think you know Summoner Wars? Quiz time!

    Think you know Summoner Wars? Then step right up and take a quiz, ranging from the common to the obscure to "that's not even in the game" to the "how was I supposed to know that!?"

    Answers are after the questions. Don't peek until you've answered all you can, and obviously no researching. Post your honest score. None of these involve Second Summoner units, but only First Summoners and their reinforcements. (Except for the last question.) BTW, it's very possible I have some wrong, in which case, please correct me and I'll change it.

    For all 17 questions, a total score of 20 is possible. Rankings are...

    1-5: Have you even heard of Summoner Wars?
    6-10: Not bad, for a lowly common.
    11-14: Nicely done. Way to go, champ.
    15-18: You should have a faction named after you.
    19-20: Did you know there are other games you can play?

    For the record, I'd have scored a 10 or 11. Now onto the questions...


    The Quiz

    1) Some units share the exact same name. Which one(s) are the most common?

    2) The Swamp Orc's vine wall deck contains how many vine walls?

    3) Envision the Master Set box cover. Starting at "noon" and going clockwise, name all the Summoners in order.

    4) In what order were the following factions released?

    Guild Dwarves
    Cave Goblins

    5) Plaid Hat Games sells Summoner Wars t-shirts. Which 2 summoners do they feature?

    6) Envision the Swamp Orc champion Blerg. What weapon does he carry? In which hand? What headgear is he wearing? (1 point if you answer 2 right, 2 points if you get all 3.)

    7) What important word is written on some of the Cloak units' abilities that seems redundant/unnecessary to the unit, but is important given Vlox's ability?

    8) What unit(s) can possibly be moved/placed/removed at the end of your turn via their own ability?

    9) Including reinforcements, how many Filth mutations are there? (Give yourself 2 points if you can list all their actual names, rather than their slang names often used on the forum.)

    10) Which unit was so overpowered, that its the only unit Plaid Hat Games had to reprint?

    11) What 4 units were originally only available as a bonus with a direct order from Plaid Hat Games?

    12) What unit(s), if positioned next to a wall, can try to inflict damage during the attack phase onto any non-Summoner unit on the opposite side of the wall? Assume no reliance on other units (Sin-Sin, Mind Witch) or lucky rolls (Fury units).

    13) The cover of reinforcement pack "Bellor's Retribution" has what unit in the background?

    14) What unit(s) have the "Rider" ability?

    15) You are playing the Jungle Elves. You have 2 Jungle Elves commons in hand. Assuming you have 10 magic (so you can easily summon both) what two units could they be that would let you inflict the most potential damage during your turn, and for a total of how much damage?

    16) Which faction(s) contain the most female "humanoid" units? (Exclude Filth as some are hard to discern.)

    17) What first summoner is related by blood to a second summoner, and what is the relationship? (Count as 2 points if you can spell the second summoner's name.)


    The Answers

    1) There are 3 units named "Shaman." (In Tundra Orcs, Sand Goblins, and Swamp Orcs)

    2) There are 15 vine walls

    3) Selundar, Krusk, Tacullu, Mugglug, Tundle, and Sunderved

    4) Guild Dwarves/Cave Goblins (together), Vanguard, Cloaks, Benders (Master Set), and Filth

    5) Demagogue and Prince Elien

    6) Wooden club. His left hand. Alligator headgear.

    7) The word is "adjacent," as found on Scrapper and Slasher. (It's redundant to them because they are melee. However, Vlox is ranged.) Interesting note: The word "adjacent" is not used with Dagger, even though his ability is called "Backstab." Vlox must pack a big throwing knife!

    8) Sneeks, Grubs, Thief, Warrior (PE), Silts, Sairook, and Kreep.

    9) 13 mutations (Absorption, Bestial, Claw, Corpulent, Edible, Horror, Incanter, Spellsucker, Spew, Stoneflesh, Tentacle, Void, Winged)

    10) Thorkur

    11) Khan Queso, Sairook, Khexhu, and Bodgan

    12) Gror, Fire Drake, Tentacle Mutant, and Her. (Jacob Eldwyn's rain can only damage enemy units, not any non-Summoner unit.)

    13) Swamp Beast

    14) Lioneer, Beast Rider, Melek, and Cavalry

    15) 2 Gorillas, with one boosted by Abua's Chant of Growth. If both pummel, one can give 6 damage, and the other 4, for a total of 10 damage.

    16) 3 way tie...
    Benders (Breaker, Controller, Deceiver, Mind Witch, Kalal, Sorgwen)
    Phoenix Elves (Fencer, Holleas, Kaeseeall, Laleya, Maelena, Rahlee)
    Shadow Elves (Blade Master, Hunter, Ranger, Scout, Malidala, Taliya)

    17) Prince Elien's mother is Queen Maldaria.
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    You forgot Silts for Number 8.
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    And the Pheonix elves warrior. Oh and I got a 13 out of 20.
    Wait a minute... you guys don't use Rahlee in all your Prince Elien decks? But she can FLY!!!!!
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    I scored 13. I missed 3, 8, 11-14, and 16, getting full credit on the rest.

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    I got a 13. Nicely done. Can't believe I forgot Melek. And Her. The only one I didn't even try on was the Master Set rotation. My mind just don't work that way.
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    I got 11, 12 if getting one out of the 3 on 16 counts.
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    I got 13. Though some of the ones I got wrong I got wrong because I misinterpreted the question (12), or just was too tired to be able to do (Listing all the mutation's real names), though I had done the second one enough to know that I could do it on a better day.
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    Im with I like tau on this one!

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    I think I got 15.

    Also, number 8 is still missing someone. Grognack might apply to #12 too, but I guess not if Jake doesn't.

    And I suppose I could argue that Saella is actually a Phoenix elf... And we don't know what Tacullu is.
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    He said that it's any non-Summoner, so Groggy wouldn't count since his ability doesn't target friendlies.
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    Got 100% ... Yeah, number three was tricky, but I have the box above my headboard so i see it like 5 times a day, so i half remembered the order. Hardest part was trying to remember if I had to box right side up (i switch it every once in a while).
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