Summoner Wars Mercenaries Second Summoner

Summoner Wars Mercenaries Second Summoner

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The mercenaries have invaded the ranks of the factions. Farrah joins the Summoner Wars as the Mercenaries Second Summoner! This Second Summoner deck is a full faction deck with its own Summoner, set-up card, Champions, Commons, Walls and Event Cards. It requires a Summoner Wars Master Set or Starter Set to play.

Note: Ahead of pre-orders shipping, know that a limited amount of copies will be sent directly to Origins Game Fair and available at MSRP. These copies will be entirely separate from the pre-orders of the game, and we will not be offering a pre-order pick up at Origins Game Fair. While we hope for the pre-orders to be shipped prior to the show, we can’t guarantee their arrival prior to getting to the show.

Set Contents:

    • Farrah Oathbreaker - Summoner
    • Khan Carne - Champion
    • Mingle - Champion
    • Lukestor - Champion
    • 3 Heavy Knights - Common
    • 3 Lurkers - Common
    • 3 Changelings - Common
    • 3 Invaders - Common
    • 3 Rune Smiths - Common
    • 3 Augurs - Common
    • 3 Band Together - Event
    • 2 Inside Information - Event
    • 2 Undercover Agent - Event
    • 2 Disguise - Event
    • 3 Wall Cards
    • 1 Summoner Reference Card
    • 1 Faction Symbol Rules Card
    • 1 Deck Building Rules Card
Promo card to include:

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