Plaid Hat Corps Application

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Welcome to the Plaid Hat Corps registration page.

If you are a fan of Plaid Hat Games and are motivated to spread the fun to others, joining the Plaid Hat Corps could be a good partnership for both you and Plaid Hat Games.

There are two main ways to particpate as a Plaid Hat Corps member:

Conventions: Plaid Hat Corps members will get an e-mail any time PHG is looking for volunteers to help out at conventions. The compensation for those who help out will vary per event, and those details, along with instructions for how to sign up to help, will be in the e-mail. Compensation, usually, will include credit in the store, admissions to the convention, etc. Click here for a current list of convention volunteer opportunities.

Playtesting: If you are interested in playtesting upcoming Plaid Hat Games releases, you must first register for a Plaid Hat Corps account. Playtesters make their own prototypes from files we send them digitally, play the game, give feedback, participate in online forums, and receive credit as a result. It's a great way to get started in game development!


There are currently no open playtest opportunities.

For questions regarding the Plaid Hat Corps, contact [email protected]

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