The Southern Dandy

Phoenixborn: Leo Sunshadow
Created by: mbauers
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x5 Ceremonial
x5 Charm

So the point of the deck is to fill up your opponent's BF with worthless units and not give them much chance to attack you.  Meanwhile, my glow finch protects my owls while they make you discard cards.  The end goal is to mill your opponent's entire deck and have them die from drawing damage.

Milling is achieved through hand destruction (so they have to draw 5 every round) and the finch dying several times throughout the game (great blood chains target).

So the usual first five is owl, dove, puppet, OM, then flex.

Vs charm I started fire archer for owl defense.  Keep recurring it into your hand to protect your other cards.  Props to Christian Pratt and Elliot Kramer's suggestion to drop one fire archer for an anchornaut.  Even better.

 Vs nature/ceremonial I FFed a Regress to take out their HK or bear.  

Vs Jessa I swap out doves (too easy to kill and screams) for a dread wraith.  Finch protects the wraith from Fear.  I open memories round 1 for a 2nd blood puppet.  She can't fear or scream them.

Aradel gets OM 2nd blood puppet book.  Her BF 8 takes longer to fill, so room for more puppets (to be fair, I didn't face Aradel).

Saria gets double puppets and a dread wraith to redirect a hypnotize raven.

Vs Brennan-don't use puppets!  He'll just spirit burn them.  OM 2nd owl book and use it with doves and dread wraith.  Redirect spirit burn damage onto dread wraith hurts Brennan badly.  Much better than choke (credit to Christopher Pratt).

Coal-NO doves! Replace them with dread wraith and OM owls round 1.  He can't slash you when the wraith is on the board.

Most other matches you use OM to get your second owl book.  Leo mirror match is a chess game and hard to decide on FF, but double owl is essential or you lose the owl race. 

One other note about poison and regress-don't forget that you can main action play it on your own finch and side action remove it to remove all exhaustion tokens from the finch.  Great when your finch uses decoy to eat a blood chains and you don't have your own blood chains in hand.

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Your changes to the deck seem half completed and are confusing. Interesting deck though.

Congrats on the big win! Its a real pleasure to see Charn be back in action after a long break.

how did you use your poison? i sometimes use it to buff my own wraiuth or i play it on my own leech warrior to exhaust my opponent's dice

I included poison in the deck for its versatility.  I don't have a lot of removal in my deck, just things that gum up your BF (which means it gets filled up with regressed units, blood chained units, and puppets quickly).  I like poison because the damage triggers after your opponent takes a main action.  So when the poison kills your unit, it allows me to replace it with a puppet (unless you replace it with a finch or masked wolf).

This deck and your explanations are a thing of beauty. Thank you for sharing it with us.

This deck and your explanations are a thing of beauty. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Played a game of my Jessa (Fear the Bear v2) vs this deck. Jessa won with 5 life left.

Things I learned: Regress was great! If you draw all 3, it really halts battle. Jessa had a really rough time getting any bears out. All 3 regresses hit the table, along with a mighty 6 exhaustion Blood chains. Jessa also always was stuck with at least 1 blood puppet. Three eyed owl only activated once in Leo, but that's probably because Jessa has 3x fear and 2x ice trap that can be saved for Owls.

I'm looking for some advice on using the dread wraith. It seems to cost too many of your ceremonial dice. You can't pump out regress, final cry, blood puppets etc if you summon one. All the other ceremonial cards in the deck are more impactful than the wraith it seems. Although Finch can block Fear on a wraith, Jessa does have 3x Choke and 2x Ice Trap to deter Finches. Once Leo gets the Wraith summoned and protected, what is the best way to use it? Blood Chains? 

The wraith isn't really the big deal against Jessa, the puppets are.  Wraith is just a wall that can be redirected to, or soak a bear and get beefed up.  Against your dice spread/PB I run owl, puppet, wraith, OM, and regress.  I put out owl book and meditate as needed round 1.  Round two I try to put out the finch, then the owl.  You can't choke and ice trap on same turn, so one of them is getting out.  I Regress your HK, OM for a second puppet, and put out my books.  If finch is out I might not put the wraith out.  Just block your bear with the finch or owl and give you two puppets.  The goal is to get you to waste your dice on puppets so you don't have enough for multiple screams.  Slowly build up the owl army.  Blood chains on the finch vs a bear or HK is doubly good for me.  As far as choke goes, I feel that it's a decent exchange for me.  I paid a basic to make you pay a class and discard.  It helps toward my hand destruction goal.



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